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The VR TierOne GO Headset in Practice of Breathing Exercises

Joanna Pidanty - May 11, 2023 - 0 comments

The way you breathe reflects your psychophysical condition. Correct breathing pattern can become your ally in demanding situations on the physical, emotional and mental levels. If you pay attention to the breathing process, you will improve your well-being and ability to cope with stress. How to learn to breathe correctly? Practice breathing exercises in a VR TierOne GO headset.

Practice of breathing exercises

Depending on your needs, breathing exercises can have the following character:

  • therapeutic – improving the breathing mechanism, e.g. in chronic diseases such as the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD),
  • preventive – maintaining proper ventilation of the lungs, preventing complications in immobilized people, e.g. following surgical procedures,
  • relaxing – a calming your body and mind for example in stress, anxiety and depressive states.

The process of breathing is influenced by many structures of the nervous system. The automatic regulation of breathing from the brain stem secures the metabolic needs of the body. The breathing centre of the brain stem is responsible for maintaining vital signs. Conscious regulation of breathing is possible thanks to the integration of information from the cerebral cortex into this process. A healthy breathing pattern should be steady and almost inaudible. Stress, lack of movement and illness can affect the change in breathing mechanics, causing body overload, pain and a decrease in concentration. Abnormal ventilation of the lungs causes fatigue, shortness of breath and anxiety. Practice of breathing exercises – conscious inhibition or stimulation of respiratory activity – is required to improve your health and mood.

The Role of Focusing on Breath

Techniques for coping with stress include controlling the breathing process. Breathing is a way to achieve a healthy balance. Focusing on proper breathing allows you to gain benefits at the following levels:

  • physical – better respiratory performance, strengthening of the respiratory muscles, improving body posture, optimizing the work of the heart and lowering blood pressure,
  • emotional – emotional regulation, relieving unpleasant stress, anxiety and symptoms of depression,
  • mental – improving memory, strengthening the sense of presence, agency and control over the situation.

Let the voice of the virtual therapist guide you and strengthen your breathing energy with exercises.

Work on your breathing is possible under any circumstances, however, it is difficult to control the breath without the support of an instructor or visual aids. VR TierOne headset contains relaxing 360° VR videos, the audiovisual content of which makes it easier to concentrate and consciously work on your breath. The practice of breathing exercises in the prepared virtual space is an experience that allows you to focus on the present and ongoing phase of your breathing. Careful exercise in the virtual world renders it much easier to control your breathing. The skills acquired during training and memorable harmonious landscapes, will prove helpful in difficult life situations (stress, anxiety, shortness of breath) when you will be able to recall the calming breathing experience.

VR TierOne GO Breathing Sessions

The carefully prepared exercises facilitate mastering the ability to regulate the pace and depth of breathing. VR TierOne GO breathing sessions allow you to achieve complete relaxation and complete tranquility in a short time, thanks to, among other things, vagus nerve stimulation techniques, that prove crucial for the feeling of relaxation. The practice of breathing exercises in VR TierOne GO relaxation headset does not require the preparation of place, music or searching for a suitable voice-over recording. Everything you need for effective rest and proper work on your breath has been readily included with VR TierOne GO headset. In this compact, mobile device, you’ll find a collection of spherical 4K movies:

  • • with the therapeutic lecturer,
  • • with therapeutic music,
  • • with the soothing sounds of nature.

According to your preferences, you can select the scenery of nature that suits you and take part in the virtual Breathing Training, using breathing exercises to bring the body into a state of equilibrium or to control stress and anxiety through Natural Relief. You can enjoy many of the proposed titles and sceneries. VR TierOne GO is a ready-to-use tool for conducting individual or group breathing sessions in people exposed to stress, the elderly, as well as a supplement to pulmonary rehabilitation. If you want to take action towards well-being, we encourage you to practice breathing with VR TierOne GO.

VR TierOne GO provides excellent places to practice breathing.

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