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VR TierOne the better treatment dimension

We created because we understand that the body gets sick when the soul does. Somatic diseases and depression may coexist and adversely affect each other. Our research proved that VR TierOne enables management of depression and anxiety, even after severe diseases.

  • Do you experience low mood and energy levels?

  • Are you constantly anxious?

  • Are you worried about lack of motivation?

  • Are you suffering from mental exhaustion?

  • Can't you cope with stress?

  • Do you want to feel better and recover?

VR TierOne therapy was tailored for you. We know how to help you.

VR TierOne allows patients to take advantage of the healing benefits of Virtual Reality. VR TierOne enables the improvement of the following:


VR TierOne application areas

Our scientifically tested VR TierOne solution is dedicated, in particular, to people struggling with depression and anxiety as separate condition or in the course of severe diseases such as:

VR TierOne makes the patient take full advantage of the therapy time and derive maximum benefits from it.

Depression, stress and anxiety render rehabilitation difficult?
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