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The coincidence of unfavourable conditions makes seniors commonly experience low mood.

Numerous factors are particularly common in old age, having an adverse effect on the well-being of the elderly. Chronic somatic diseases, loss of psychomotor fitness, a sense of loneliness and the growing need to resort to the help of other people, that accompany older people, cause stress and a decrease in mood.

Limiting the possibility of physical movement or changing the place of residence causes anxiety and frustration in seniors. Worse mental health of an elderly person can be manifested by outbursts of aggression and anger, irritability and a hostile attitude towards the environment. It may also cause apathy and reluctance to act. This is a difficult experience both for the caregivers of the elderly and for the seniors themselves. Virtual relaxation can become the cornerstone of support for the cheerful autumn of life. It offers not only an excellent diversification of the everyday life of older people in care and treatment facilities, but also optimization of health and prevention of depression threatening seniors.

Difficulties with maintaining the well-being of people in the autumn of their life can be eliminated by relaxation in a VR environment. Participation in relaxing sessions with the use of VR TierOne GO mobile headset allows to satisfy the needs for freedom of travel, contact with nature and distant landscapes. The solution helps caregivers to bring optimism and to improve mental comfort of seniors.

VR TierOne GOmobile relaxation headset is the way to stay optimistic and provide a positive experience for people in the autumn of their lives.

VR TierOne GO helps relieve stress and supports the well-being of seniors.

VR TierOne GO mobile relaxation headset can render the autumn of life cheerful.

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