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We are glad that the VR TierOne project was noticed and gained interest in the medical market. We list online publications on VR TierOne.
They are well worth reading!

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6 May 2021

Virtual reality in the rehabilitation of patients

8 February 2021

Technology will help with pocovid depression

6 February 2021
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Startup will treat depression with VR

6 February 2021

Coronavirus. Experts warn of pocovid depression. New technology can help

2 February 2021

Elon Musk wants to treat depression with a chip. The Polish company chose virtual reality

29 January 2021

They want to cure depression... in virtual reality. The Polish startup is making a sensation on the market

21 January 2021

VR TierOne virtual reality used in the treatment of depression

20 January 2021

Virtual reality helps treat depression

20 January 2021

Virtual reality helps treat depression

19 January 2021
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A Polish startup treats depression using virtual reality

27 October 2020
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A brand new formula for fighting anxiety and depression is now available

17 March 2020
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VR TierOne - depression treatment and rehabilitation after stroke

14 February 2020

The VR TierOne device uses virtual reality (VR) to help people struggling with depression and fear while fighting severe diseases

5 February 2020

I swim, run, work out in the gym and swim regularly. Tomasz Bednarski on health in a startup

3 February 2020

Virtual reality versus depression

13 January 2020

The Polish five of the new edition of Chivas Venture

1 January 2020

Chivas Venture with a prize pool of $ 1,000,000 - what would Polish startups spend their winnings on?

17 December 2019

The five most interesting Polish start-ups will compete for participation in the final of the Chivas Venture competition

3 December 2019

They heal people thanks to VR technology. Their idea will change medicine

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