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27 October 2020

A brand new formula for fighting anxiety and depression is now available

17 March 2020

VR TierOne - depression treatment and rehabilitation after stroke

14 February 2020

The VR TierOne device uses virtual reality (VR) to help people struggling with depression and fear while fighting severe diseases

5 February 2020

I swim, run, work out in the gym and swim regularly. Tomasz Bednarski on health in a startup

3 February 2020

Virtual reality versus depression

13 January 2020

The Polish five of the new edition of Chivas Venture

1 January 2020

Chivas Venture with a prize pool of $ 1,000,000 - what would Polish startups spend their winnings on?

17 December 2019

The five most interesting Polish start-ups will compete for participation in the final of the Chivas Venture competition

3 December 2019

They heal people thanks to VR technology. Their idea will change medicine