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After a stroke one has to wait for rehabilitation to have any effects. The lack of control over an uncontrolled body causes additional stress.

Experiencing a stroke can trigger Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The fears experienced by the patients inhibit their proper rehabilitation. The neuroplasticity of the brain enables us to regains our lost skills, but it requires time and exercise. Failure to make rapid progress causes frustration, sadness, and depression. The patient’s motivation is crucial here, without it, the cooperation between the patient and the therapist is impossible. The patients must be under psychological care, because when they suffer mentally, the treatment also suffers. Stroke survivors need good brain stimulation, and not being left alone with their eyes fixed on the same space.

In the first days following a stroke, VR TierOne helps to distract one’s thoughts from the “real world”, reduces the level of anxiety, improves the patient’s well-being and motivates the patient to rehabilitate. Positive experiences in the virtual world, successes in the therapeutic history, restore the patient’s faith in their own abilities and the success of the treatment and physiotherapy processes. In a carefully planned therapeutic process, day after day, the patient feels better building internal motivation for rehabilitation. VR TierOne improves the psychological aspects of patient’s functioning, and also enables the activation of paralyzed upper limbs, and supports eye-hand coordination.

We have created VR TierOne to support You. So that you no longer feel powerless in the face of what has happened and worry about what will happen. So that you are here and now, focused with all of yourself on regeneration, so that you would not wring your hands and recover instead.

VR TierOne has been studied to support the treatment of depression and anxiety in neurology unit patients.

VR TierOne supports stroke patients by improving their mental condition and eye-hand coordination.

Are you caring for a stroke survivor and looking for effective treatment support?

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