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Myocardial infarction


A heart attack is accompanied by fear for one's own life. Prolonged anxiety conditions delay the initiation of rehabilitation.

Hospitalizations after a heart attack are kept to a minimum, so the treatment focuses on the necessary medical procedures. It is frequently so that the patient is left without psychological support, which increases the level of stress and psychophysical tension. The patients experience anger and helplessness after being hospitalized suddenly, leaving all previous matters beyond their control. A heart attack is a shock both to the body and psyche.

The mental condition has a significant impact on the recovery process. Depression that occurs in cardiac patients causes additional suffering and making the patients stay in the role of sick persons for prolonged periods of time. The post-infarction reality is full of recommendations changing the current philosophy of patient’s life, which is yet another stressor. The discomfort associated with taking actions for one’s own health, the need to change the diet and discontinue stimulants, causes the resignation from further treatment and making pro-health efforts.

Depression in people with a heart attack predisposes them to another heart attack, the so-called additional fit and adversely affects the prognosis, increasing mortality. VR TierOne is an effective tool supporting the treatment and rehabilitation process by calming the patient, providing positive sensory stimuli and increasing motivation and faith in the success of the treatment process.

VR TierOne was created to help You rebuild Your motivation for successful treatment, so that you would take up the fight for yourself and not lose heart for further rehabilitation.

VR TierOne has been studied to support the treatment of depression and anxiety in cardiac unit patients.

VR TierOne therapy included in cardiac rehabilitation reduces the patient's recovery time following a heart attack.

Fresh after a heart attack and looking for a remedy for your fears?

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