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Isolation resulting from COVID-19 disease can trigger an anxiety response, stress disorders, and depression.

The coronavirus pandemic creates a feeling of weakness and lack of control over the course of events. The excess of alarming information coming from the outside world, and flowing through the media, may generate fear for one’s own fate and for the fate of loved ones. Getting sick with COVID-19 and remaining in isolation for this reason triggers the occurrence or worsens mental symptoms. The real threat of job loss or economic hardship, and the need to provide care for children during school closure are also understandable sources of concern. After recovering from COVID-19, patients also report problems with concentration and memory.

Depressive episodes, anxiety disorders, low mood, phobias related to the feeling of social stigma are also reported. In addition, obsessive behavior related to maintaining hygiene – washing hands, disinfection and sterilization, as well as constant analysis of one’s own health is noted. When confronted directly with the epidemic, healthcare workers experience a significant psychological burden as they struggle with insomnia, chronic fatigue, anxiety and stress. The pandemic-related acute stress disorder may develop in the patient as well as in the quarantined family. The prolonged anxiety reaction is further boosted by the feeling that it is impossible to escape this pandemic, causing great stress, helplessness and even panic.

The VR TierOne solution offered by us will take you to a place where there is no pandemic, and the created virtual Garden of Rebirth will enable you to really catch your breath.

VR TierOne was tested in treatment of depression and anxiety in patients of pulmonary wards.

We treat patients who have undergone COVID-19, helping them to cope with their post-isolation anxiety.

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