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What is VR TierOne?

The VR TierOne solution designed by us consists of two parts: a medical device and a therapeutic cycle.

The medical device

that allows you to go to the Virtual Garden of Rebirth we have created, full immersion in Virtual Reality and to carry out effective therapy under these optimal conditions.


scheduled as a two-week cycle of 8 sessions of up to 20 minutes each. Virtual therapy abounds in appropriate metaphors, messages and tasks that improve the mental condition of the patient.


„(…) The innovativeness of VR TierOne relies on deliberate therapy in two spheres - physical and mental. Our experience demonstrated that such a method, when supplementing conventional rehabilitation, proves extremely useful and attractive for the patient. (…)”

— dr Jarosław Szczygieł, Neurologist and medical rehabilitation specialist at GCR „Repty”

„Symptoms in patients undergoing post-Covid rehabilitation go beyond those relating solely to respiratory system disorders (...). It is often so that these symptoms relate to anxiety and depression, and therefore our rehabilitation program, apart from psychological care, also includes relaxation training using VR and the VR TierOne therapy.”

— prof. Jan Szczegielniak, hospital of the Polish Home Office in Głuchołazy

„(…) My experience in working with VR TierOne proves that it is easier for patients to open up to images, to appropriately selected words that do not directly refer to the disease, and thus it is easier for them to confront the experienced, also the more challenging emotions. (…)”

— Katarzyna Broniec, psychologist at GCR „Repty”

„Summing up my experience with the use of VR TierOne in the treatment, I can say that it is not only safe and effective, but also a fascinating aid for patients with depression and anxiety.”

— Agnieszka Pasternak, psychotherapist

Who is the VR TierOne dedicated for?

VR TierOne was created as a therapeutic aid for patients, doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists and therapists. It is a solution for people struggling with depression and anxiety also as a consequence of serious diseases. Our scientific research proved that VR TierOne helps in psychophysical rehabilitation of patients after: COVID-19, myocardial infraction, stroke and depression. VR TierOne will successfully help take care of the mental well-being of both stressed employees and patients in nursing homes.

What are the benefits for VR TierOne users?

The effects of using VR TierOne

Improving mood and motivation for rehabilitation

Reduction of anxiety and psychophysical relaxation

Increasing the patient's faith in the success of the treatment process

Improving concentration and attention

Improvement of visual and spatial functions

Reduction of pain sensations

Stimulation of brain plasticity mechanisms

Reduction of the sense of burden among the staff of rehabilitation departments

Why is it worth opting for VR TierOne?

The VR TierOne solution is based on Ericksonian psychotherapy and the triad of Virtual Reality properties: interaction, immersion and imagination, which boost the effectiveness of the therapy. Our set of specially prepared tasks activates the patient to cooperate, the created Virtual Garden allows for full immersion and separation from hospital conditions. The therapeutic story, filled with metaphors, stimulates the imagination. All this makes the patient strive for health and achieve better health results.

Patients are extremely open to the use of Virtual Reality in their therapy.


„Participation in these sessions is my adventure. Interesting experience.”

— Patient, VR TierOne user

„I have felt myself grow with each session, and now I can finally enjoy the day!”

— Patient, VR TierOne user

„After the virtual sessions, I dream about this beautiful place and wake up in a better mood.”

— Patient, VR TierOne user

„I got my mom to go to that therapy. I can see that he is helping her, she is really more joyful.”

— VR TierOne user

„I thought this virtual technology was only for young people. And here such a surprise!”

— Patient, VR TierOne user

Patients want to keep the positive experiences of VR TierOne virtual therapy for a longer period of time.

With patients in mind, we have created a complementary VR TierOne therapeutic colouring book entitled "Colours of my reflections", which serves as a therapy diary. The colouring book is an additional element for self-completion between sessions and does not condition the course of the therapeutic cycle. However, it allows patients to keep memories of therapy for longer and recall therapeutic contents not only in memory.

Who is the creator of VR TierOne?

We know that you entrust your health to our knowledge and experience. That is why here, at VR TierOne we focus on professionalism. We believe that well-designed technology and therapy will contribute to improved health and user satisfaction. Contact us, we’re more than willing to help.

Want to take advantage of VR TierOne therapy?

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