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Depression treatment and rehabilitation

What is VR TierOne?

VR TierOne consists of three parts:

A set of medical procedures

supporting the treatment process and rehabilitation

Medical device

using Virtual Reality to effectively support the treatment and rehabilitation process

A two-week therapeutic cycle,

in which the patient participates in the therapeutic story, nurturing the metaphorical Garden of Rebirth

VR TierOne was built based on:


15 years of scientific research

allowed to create a therapeutic story used in VR TierOne.


Impact Factor points

were awarded for scientific publications that became the foundation of our medical device.


scientific articles

in the field of virtual therapy was analyzed in order to properly develop the therapeutic story contained in VR TierOne.


work hours

allowed to create a medical device, which effectiveness in the implementation of the rehabilitation and treatment process is confirmed by patients.

Why choose VR TierOne?

VR TierOne is a medical device that responds to the need for mental and physical rehabilitation

VR TierOne is a device that uses the Virtual Reality not only to activate the movement of the upper limbs and shoulder girdle, as other solutions do, but also affects the psychological aspects of patient functioning, such as:

Motivation for treatment and rehabilitation

Reduction of anxiety and depressive disorders

Cognitive activation


The use of Virtual Reality in the therapeutic process allows us to use the phenomenon of total immersion. That immersion provides isolation of the patient from hospital conditions, evokes earlier good associations and fully engages the patient in the therapeutic process.

Patients are extremely open to the use of Virtual Reality in therapy. It is a novelty for them, fully engages all senses, facilitates detachment from stressful conditions and guarantees full concentration on the therapy.

VR TierOne after stroke

30% of patients suffer from depression, some have PTSD and the majority face apathy, sadness and negative thoughts. Hence the low level of motivation to exercise and low effectiveness of therapy.

VR TierOne in the first days after stroke helps to forget about the “real world”, reduces the level of anxiety, improves the patient’s well-being and motivation for rehabilitation. Positive experiences in the virtual world and successes in therapeutic history restore the patient’s faith in their own abilities and the success of the treatment and physiotherapy process. In a carefully planned therapeutic process, day after day the patient feels better and builds an internal motivation for rehabilitation.

VR TierOne in hospital cardiology and oncology departments

Stays in hospitals are maximally shortened, which means that the treatment focuses on the necessary medical procedures. The patient usually remains without psychological support, which increases the level of stress and psychophysical tension.

VR TierOne is an effective tool supporting the treatment and rehabilitation process by calming the patient, providing positive sensory stimulation and increasing confidence in the success of the treatment process.

VR TierOne in nursing homes

Modern nursing homes are looking for ways to activate their residents, to reduce the monotony of everyday life.

VR TierOne contains a two-week therapeutic cycle that provides intense sensory stimulation, arouses interest and curiosity, evokes pleasant memories, improves mood and motivates to take more activity.

VR TierOne is a medical device for doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists and patients of rehabilitation departments and nursing homes.

What benefits does a patient achieve with VR TierOne?

The effects from the use of VR TierOne:

Improving mood and motivation for rehabilitation

Reduction of anxiety and psychophysical relaxation

Increasing the patient's faith in the success of the treatment process

Improving concentration and attention

Improvement of visual and spatial functions

Reduction of pain sensations

Stimulation of brain plasticity mechanisms

Reduction of the sense of burden among the staff of rehabilitation departments

Who is the creator of VR TierOne?

In VR TierOne, professionalism is our first priority

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