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We appreciate the trust of our partners. In the process of building health and well-being, we cooperate with:

The partnership with the SeniorPlus Foundation is based on a common desire to ensure good health and well-being, especially for the elderly. The Foundation supports senior health preventive programs and promotes the improvement of the quality of health services by increasing the availability of innovative and effective treatment solutions. This cooperation enabled us to reach and help a common group of recipients – seniors, who are often susceptible to diseases and mood drops. We can make the life of the elderly in hospitals, retirement homes or spas healthier and more serene, free from anxiety and depression. The SeniorPlus Foundation, as an ambassador of modern therapeutic solutions that ensure health and well-being of elderly people, recommends the VR TierOne solution.

VR TierOne is a medical solution based on Virtual Reality technology, making it becomes possible to carry out the therapy of depression, anxiety, and mood drops and motivation to exercise in sick people. VR TierOne supports the work of doctors, psychologists and physiotherapists involved in patients’ recovery. Scientific research proves the effectiveness of VR TierOne in reducing depression by 37% (according to GDS), stress by 28% (according to PSQ), and anxiety by 37% (according to HADS).

Cooperation with the Zdrowie Plus Foundation is based on joint efforts to promote and provide medical solutions supporting physical and mental well-being. The Foundation conducts educational activities for the promotion of health, supports the health of people of retirement age, whom VR TierOne can help in overcoming depression, stress and anxiety. Thanks to joint action, we are able to take care of the health of a larger group of patients, whose unfavorable mental conditions make it difficult to recover. We believe that thanks to our combined efforts, we can contribute to the growth of health condition and a sense of psychophysical harmony. Zdrowie Plus Foundation, as an organization that promotes ideas and values for human health and happiness, recommends the VR TierOne medical device.

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+48 511 161 785 - Ryszard Bujak President of the SeniorPlus Foundation

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Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail.
22 292 49 49 - Marek Kalewski President of the Zdrowie Plus Foundation

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