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VR TierOne GO mobile relaxation headset

Availability: ✓ Product available

Lead time: up to 4 weeks

Delivery method: transport, installation and training of personnel included in the price of the device,
Outside the country: shipping via freight forwarding company + online training

Price: USD 1 750 (including 23% VAT)

Customer service: Paweł Pasternak

The virtual sphere of natural relaxation

Product overview:

The VR TierOne GO mobile relaxation headset is the answer to stress and longing for nature. Thanks to the compact solution and high-quality VR 360° videos, the users can immerse and relax in the natural scenery. Meditation, a trip to the mountains, a forest bath, or maybe a sunbath on the beach? Choose from relaxation videos and experience harmony with the natural world without leaving home

Full relaxation and complete calming in Virtual Reality


To reduce anxiety, increase mood and bring the user in a state of relaxation. To improve well-being, psychophysical health and calm the mind. For people immobilized due to their illness, during a stay in a medical or care facility, in isolation, and for all those looking for their zone of peace and rest from the stresses of everyday life.


Put the VR headset on your head and relax, no matter where you are.


Lightweight all-in-one wireless VR headset, hand- and controller-free, featuring 11 spherical Virtual Reality relaxation videos displayed in 4K quality. Each video contains a therapeutic voice-over recording. Thanks to the ability to control multiple headsets with use of a tablet, the product is also suitable for group therapy. Easy-to-clean headsets for hygienic commercial use.

Group therapy, easy control

Technical specification:

11 relaxation videos with voiceover sound, therapeutic music, sounds of nature, each ~10 minutes long
360° 4K Spherical videos
Display: 5.5'' LCD
Resolution: 3840 x 2160 4K standard
Refresh rate: 75 Hz
Field of vision: 101°
Battery life: ~3 h
Battery charging time: ~110 min
Connector: USB-C
Weight: ~280 g/470 g with band

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VR TierOne GO

VR TierOne GO mobile relaxation headset user guide



A4 folder - VR TierOne GO
group relaxation

The solution is recommended by:

Includes 12 relaxation videos

Mountain valley

From the 360° video collection, select the Mountain Valley to relax and take a fresh look at the things you're interested in.

Once the snow from the nearby peaks has melted and fed the mountain river, it is a good time to safely admire the majesty of the mountains from the picturesque valley. Breathe, let fresh air bring you lightness and new energy. Entrust your worries to the silent mountains and let your fears flow away through with the swift river. Find hope among the juicy greenery. Soak up the beauty of the Mountain Valley with your whole self. Let your life be like this.

Forest hike

From our 360° video selection, go on a Forest Hike to find relaxation and feel part of nature.

Relax in your trek right here, surrounded by young birches and tall pine trees. Let the invigorating gust of wind will move your inside and blow away your dark thoughts. Take a deep breath in this forest bath, feel the forest with all of you. Discover that nature took its time to create this beautiful forest during your Forest hike. You can also create a beautiful life, by taking your time.

Seaside beach

Visit the Seaside beach together with VR TierOne GO. During the session, enjoy relaxation and regenerate your strengths.

The beach is an unusual place where some things end and some begin. Looking with hope at the horizon, let the waves of the sea wash away the traces of sadness and stress that you carry inside you. Relax. Keep the harmonious rhythm of the waves and the warm rays of the sun that bring blissful peace in your mind. Whenever you feel you are in a worse shape, return to the Seaside Beach to relax and restore your well-being.

Snowy lane

Browsing the offer of VR 360° videos, select the snowy lane. A soothing voice will help you calm down and manage your stress.

You came here first, so this undisturbed snowy view is all yours. Relax your eyes in complete silence, looking at the sheer beauty of the snowy trees. Keep the stunning riches of this moment in your memory. Before returning to the old tracks of noise and haste, breathe and regain your energy for action. Remember that if you are in need, the Snowy Lane is waiting for you to follow it back into the enveloping winter landscape.

Therapeutic rebirth

When choosing VR 360° video, allow yourself for a Therapeutic Rebirth to regain your strength and balance.

Behind the garden gate, you can relax and feel a surge of strength. Take a slow look around and listen to the sounds of the scenic garden space. You can grow and flourish together with the surrounding plants. Breathe and let the surrounding beauty penetrate into you, bringing you balance and well-being. Open your senses to the good. Let Therapeutic Rebirth be part of your experience.

Rocky coast

Select the 360° Rocky Coast video. Live image and therapeutic music will charge you with good energy.

The sea waves carry energy, and the brisk breeze refreshes the view of many things. Even small clouds can herald changes, but when you have a firm foundation under your feet, you don’t have to worry about anything. Standing on the stable Rocky Coast, open yourself up to a harmonious surge of power. Let the water wash away your worries, experience the lightness. Look afresh into the distance and breathe in good weather. It’s all fine now, and let’s keep it that way.

Underwater world

Break away from reality and visit the Underwater World. Let the wave of peace restore your balance.

Change your perspective and immerse yourself in the depths of the sea. Leave your problems on the shore and sail away into this immersive experience. In underwater silence, you can easily focus on your own breath and indulge in relaxation. Admire the Underwater World, find your shelter here. A delightful visual experience will bring you peace and tranquillity, which will stay with you for a longer time. If you like this place, drop your anchors right here.

Serenity of the Lake

The gallery of 360° relaxing videos also features Serenity of the lake, listen to the voice of the voice-over and re-discover peace in yourself.

The sun rose early today to share its energy with nature. Pleasant warmth invites you to contact with nature. Pause at the calm surface of the lake and observe the soothing landscape. You’ll feel safe under the sprawling tree. Breathe consciously. Even a gentle movement of the air can move the water, just as your breath can move your body. Give yourself a moment of rest. Just be here and feel the Serenity of the lake.

Dawn meditation

Looking for a video to start with? Start with the Dawn Meditation. Let the therapist's voice guide you to flourishing.

If you want to feel calm and in control of your body and mind, try a proven way to total peace. It may be difficult for you to find the right time and place for this. But here is a perfect space, where nothing distracts you in the search for harmony. Sit comfortably in the middle of a beautiful garden and concentrate on your own breath. Start with the short Dawn Meditation. For a good day and a good life without stress.

Twilight meditation

If you need more peace, turn your eyes to the Twilight Meditation. High-quality video will help you focus.

Get rid of tension in a wonderfully peaceful garden that exudes good energy and invites you to calm down. Try the Twilight Meditation to get rid of the anxiety and stress that is blocking you. You will gain inner peace, improve concentration and your ability to make decisions. Truly notice your breath, and once you are able to control it, peace, balance, health and happiness will appear in your life. All the best things.

Breathing training

Put Breath Training into action. Improve your strength and condition by breathing in the scenic nature.

Your breath lets you live. It happens on its own, so you don’t think much about it. During the Breath Training, you can notice your breath again. You will learn to use your breath consciously for your health and well-being. In the Virtual Garden of Rebirth, you can train the way you breathe so that it becomes perfect, giving you energy and strength for further action. Give yourself a break, it’s good for you.

Walk in the clouds

Take a refreshing walk in the clouds. This 360° VR session will improve your well-being and health.

Deep breathing is the source of good for your body and mind. Go for an oxygenating Walk in the clouds that will bring you well-being and serenity. In this scenery, you will feel one with nature, which will enable you to restore balance. Your conscious breath will sweep away anxiety, and everything that puts you down, like the wind sweeps away the clouds. You can see the passing of clouds every day, you just have to go for a walk.


  • depressive disorders,
  • anxiety disorders,
  • excessive stress,
  • low mood,
  • chronic fatigue,
  • psychophysical tension,
  • pain syndromes,
  • lack of concentration,
  • racing thoughts,
  • deteriorated cognitive functions.


  • epilepsy,
  • schizophrenia,
  • productive symptoms,
  • aphatic disorders,
  • conditions after cataract surgery and other eye surgeries,
  • or: a pacemaker and other implanted medical devices.


  • reduction of depression,
  • reduction of anxiety,
  • stress reduction,
  • increasing resistance to stress,
  • improved well-being,
  • improved motivation,
  • peace and better sleep,
  • better concentration and productivity,
  • reduction of pain,
  • shortening of recovery time.