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The hospital environment and unpleasant medical procedures can prove extremely stressful for patients.

In a situation of illness, sensitivity to potentially aggravating stimuli increases, which is why staying in a medical facility usually means stress and a decrease in mood for patients. Patients are experiencing anxiety and tension caused by uncertainty about their own health and the further development of events.

Hospitalization in unfriendly conditions, the need to undergo unpleasant procedures, and even waiting for a doctor’s appointment in a queue affect the patient’s well-being. Being in an unknown space without emotional support affects the deterioration of the mental state and can exacerbate existing medical conditions. The stress experienced by the patient intensifies pain, blocks communication and cooperation with the patient. In order to facilitate the recovery process, it is worth taking care of improving the well-being of patients. Appropriate care for the mental state of patients brings optimism, reduces pain sensations and supports recovery, and in the long term affects the positive perception of the medical institution.

Relaxation proves helpful in overcoming the difficulties faced by the patient at the mental level. Providing the patient with peace and isolation from stressful circumstances does not have to be difficult, even when the patient is immobilized or remains in isolation. Relaxing in a virtual environment helps you better endure the inconvenience of illness, while remaining calm.

VR TierOne GOmobile relaxation headset is the way to improve the well-being of patients who are hospitalized and subjected to unpleasant medical treatments.

VR TierOne GO helps overcome stress and supports patients in difficult times of illness.

The VR TierOne GO mobile relaxation headset will render medical care more enjoyable.

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