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Occupational burnout occurs in employees without regard to their seniority or the position held.

Work-related stress has adverse effects on the psychophysical health of the employed person. Excessive unmanaged professional stress can manifest itself in the form of anxiety, depression and somatic disorders. Burnout is a worrying employee issue.

Burnout is understood as physical, mental and emotional exhaustion, accompanied by reduced motivation and performance of the employee, as well as their negative attitude towards oneself and others. The phenomenon of burnout is caused by stress originating in various areas of professional functioning. A work environment that hinders the work-life balance, contributes to occurence of burnout in employees. Lack of energy and enthusiasm, increased irritability and reluctance to work are just some of the symptoms experienced by a person affected by burnout. The mental crisis that an employee experiences can translate into a decrease in their productivity, an increase in accident rates and sickness absences, and ultimately in leaving work.

Employee health problems can have an impact on the entire organization, so supporting the health and well-being of employees should remain in the interest of the employer. A regenerative break during working hours prevents the accumulation of stress, helps to maintain health and enthusiasm for action.

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