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Discomforts of everyday life that are unbalanced by relaxation can stress the mental health of household members.

The rush and stress that accompanies us every day can become the underlying cause of mental and physical health issues. We try to survive the hours of work in the hope that when we come home we will rest. Unfortunately, in the whirlpool of everyday household chores, it is difficult to find time for real relaxation, in which no one will bother us.

Neglecting regular rest can trigger problems with our health and emotions. Prolonged tension and increasing fatigue result in poor mood and a decrease in immunity. The fast pace of life makes it increasingly difficult for us to calm down on our own. Relaxation is a skill that more and more people are losing. The practice of mindfulness or meditation is a remedy for the excessive stimulation provided by the surrounding reality. However, independent learning of how to relax comes with difficulty surrounded by home distractors.

Creating your own relaxing space can prove to be a challenge. The new technology offers solution to difficulties in organizing a home rest zone. 360° VR videos offered in VR TierOne GO headset allow you to get in touch with nature, calm down and stop at the moment. Immersive relaxation conducted in soothing virtual conditions improves your mood, helps to maintain mental balance and achieve a healthy state of relaxation.

The VR TierOne GOmobile relaxation headset is suitable for home use and offers a way to restore harmony and joy in life.

VR TierOne GO helps to manage stress and supports relaxation at home.

VR TierOne GO mobile relaxation headset will help you find peace of mind at home.

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