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Total immersion in management of depression

Joanna Pidanty - August 24, 2023 - 0 comments

Virtual Reality is an extremely engaging technology. It can be used to influence attitudes, behaviours and mood. This is due to immersive experiences that attract the participant’s attention much more than in the case of impressions from other media. VR TierOne benefits from the total immersion of VR for therapeutic applications – supporting the process of treating depression.

Immersion and presence

The concept of immersion refers to the situation of immersion in the presented world. It may concern experiences other than VR, but it is Virtual Reality that, like no other medium, gives the feeling of being present in the middle of the story. VR immersion allows you to feel like a participant, not just an observer. The ability to interact with the virtual world gives us a sense of presence in it. When there is a complete immersion in a world that does not really exist, we can talk about the total VR immersion. The sense of psychological presence, characteristic of well-prepared virtual experiences, means the absence of the mind in the real world. VR immersion is possible thanks to appropriate VR equipment that guarantees uninterrupted quality of experience reception. Achieving an immersive state is supported by sound. In the case of VR TierOne therapy, it is the engaging voice of the tutor – therapist and the proprietary therapeutic music. VR capabilities give you the chance to quickly cut yourself off from reality. This has its advantages. When the disease appears, and with it the need to stay in the tame space of the hospital, which proves difficult to tame for us, we can use VR content to cut off the discomfort of the presence among stressors.

Impact of VR

VR affects our brain as if the sensations were coming from the real world. This is a fascinating characteristic. In the right hands of the creators, VR content can be beneficial for mental health. VR TierOne applies VR to reach the participant’s internal resources and strengthen them accordingly through a metaphorical story created by a team of specialists. This helps with symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety. VR therapy moves cognitively and emotionally and initiates the process of transformation. Thanks to the controller and haptic stimuli, the VR effect is coherently perceived by the more senses. And the participants feel immersed in the world presented to them. Psychic strength can be regained in the comfort of the virtual Garden of Rebirth. Interaction with VR TierOne therapy improves mood and motivation, and this makes it easier for the patient to function in the real world.

Virtual therapy involves performing tasks in a virtual space.

Usefulness of fiction

The mind gives credence to what it sees. Suggestive fictional reality has its applicability in the treatment of mental disorders. You may know that reality-simulating technology makes it easier to treat phobias. But that´s not all! A digitally generated virtual experience can minimize stress, anxiety, and provide conditions to reduce symptoms of depression. Depression is a serious health issue. Symptoms of depression are not just depressed mood. It is withdrawal, lack of energy and problems with motivation, so needed to act. A properly constructed fictional space can be useful in two ways. As in the case of the VR TierOne Garden of Rebirth, which is a place of therapy and at the same time a space with therapeutic properties. Gardens are traditionally used to improve the well-being of sick people. They can be found in some hospitals. And when they’re not there? The virtual world comes to the rescue.

The Virtual Garden of Rebirth improves mood and reduces tension.

Equalization of opportunities

When there is a need for psychotherapy, and this is not possible in the real world, we have the influence of virtual therapy at our disposal. VR TierOne solves the issue of unavailability of psychotherapy. The fact that immersive VR therapy provides the support required by patients with depressive symptoms is crucial. Going further, it supports the work of rehabilitators, who no longer have to struggle with breaking through mental barriers in rehabilitated patients. Benefits for the hospital? Having a professional and efficient tool at your disposal, in constant readiness, increases the market competitiveness of the facility. VR TierOne allows you to provide quick access to professional support. VR TierOne immersion therapy can be an excellent start to beneficial changes and complement the comprehensive treatment of depression.

The VR TierOne device equalizes the chances of accessing psychotherapy.

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