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Relax in the VR headset. A new approach to rest.

Joanna Pidanty - June 15, 2023 - 0 comments

Relaxation is an important need of the body. It allows us to maintain mental and physical health, improves our mood and performance. Relaxation brings temporary relief and reduces the tendency to be overstimulated in future stressful situations. Practicing rest allows you to maintain well-being, even in the presence of stressors. When stopping to relax comes with difficulty, it is worth reaching for relaxation in VR headset.

Relaxation now. They way to deal with stress and fatigue.

The body needs to relax in order to be able to regenerate and function efficiently. Rest is required to maintain health and a sense of life satisfaction. Still, relaxation is seen as a worthless downtime. The belief that relaxation is unnecessary requires a change and a new approach. Relaxation is not a waste of time, but a valuable investment in yourself.

Especially when stress starts to negatively affect different aspects of your life. It turns out that the problem is not only the feeling of guilt associated with resting, but also the inability to effectively use free time for regenerative relaxation. It happens that, when we finally have time to rest, we do not know how to use it properly for health and stress reduction. The solution to stress and fatigue is to use relaxation techniques that allow you to experience the state of inner peace and physical relaxation.

Proven ways to relax. A new approach to rest.

People in different parts of the world, but most prominently from Asia, learned to use health-promoting ways to relax. Rest is a pleasure, but acquiring the ability to relax freely requires learning and the right trainer. The new approach to rest does not give up proven relaxation techniques, but rather delivers them in a new form. Relaxation in VR headset allows you to relax and train the ability to relax under optimal conditions. Virtual sessions led by the lecturer combine techniques supporting relaxation with the possibility of contact with nature. Relaxation in VR headset can be an ad hoc help for people, who find it difficult to disengage from their stressful environment. It is also recommended in situations of limited access to relaxing environments.

Virtual Reality allows you to relax in a way that brings real relief.

It is not a coincidental reality. Soothing virtual landscapes.

Relaxation is easier to achieve when the surrounding reality is not random. Soothing images, reinforced by appropriate music, bring you in a state of relaxation. Staying in the scenery of nature helps you feel relaxed. Changing the environment allows move your tired mind away from overwhelming stimuli. The modern approach to relaxation does not shy away from the calming powers of natural landscapes. VR TierOne GO uses VR technology to bring nature closer and immerse the overtired and stressed people, who feel a deficit of rest and contact with nature, in its soothing qualities. The experience of being present in the beneficial virtual scenery: forest, mountains, beach or other proposed by VR TierOne GO guarantees effective rest supporting our mental and physical condition.

Effective rest. Relax in VR TierOne GO headset.

The sightly spherical natural landscapes of VR videos are just a part of VR TierOne GO’s relaxation. Stress reduction and mood improvement occur thanks to the combination of visual and audio elements served in a modern form. Lecturer recordings, relaxing music and soothing sounds of nature enrich the VR 360° videos. Virtual relaxation is carried out using techniques that allow you to get rid of unpleasant tensions resulting from stress and excessive fatigue. VR TierOne GO relaxation uses meditation practices, mindfulness and breathing exercises. Videos prepared in this way, intensified by the sense of presence typical for Virtual Reality, effectively bring relaxation to all those, who crave for a dose of healthy rest.

This new dimension of relaxation serves to effectively slow down and return to mental balance.

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