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6 Tips on how to use summer to boost Your mental health

Joanna Pidanty - July 27, 2023 - 0 comments

Summer is a time of rest that can be perfectly used to strengthen our mental health. Summer sunshine, outdoor movement or relaxation outside the familiar space can effectively strengthen mental health. We prepared 6 tips for people, who may need support and tips on how to strengthen mental health and balance in the summer.

1. Do not take a vacation from physical activity

Summer has the great advantage of being conducive to outdoor physical activity. Playing sports during summer can be a great pleasure. Outdoor exercise is not just endorphins – neurotransmitters of well-being. Exposure to sunlight allows the synthesis of mood-regulating vitamin D3. It is a good time to start your adventure with sports or try new disciplines available during your summer vacation. Relaxation will perfectly complement your daily physical activity. You can try to calm down after training in VR TierOne GO headset.

  • Take part in recreational team games. Such games bring joy and, at the same time, strengthen bonds.
  • Combine activity with staying outdoors. If you have the option, opt for a normal bicycle, and not an indoor exercise bike.
Summer outdoor activities strengthen the body and enhance our well-being.

2. Get a good night’s sleep on summer nights

Summer nights can be so hot that falling asleep becomes difficult. Sometimes insects interfere with healthy sleep. And if we have to get up early for work, nightlife also becomes a nuisance due to those, who celebrate their holidays or the ongoing school holidays a little too loudly. In addition to the aggravating noise, the problem may be the day that lasts too long, disturbing our established sleep pattern. Sleep deprivation is dangerous for maintaining emotional balance, it can cause worse coping with everyday stress, as a result of which depression may appear. Relaxation just before bedtime will allow you to calm down. Appropriate relaxation techniques will help you fall asleep. Mobile VR relaxation headset can help with difficulty falling asleep.

  • Prepare your bedroom for a night’s rest on a summer night. Use possible options for cooling, soundproofing and darkening the room.
  • Try relaxing with relaxing music. This will help you to block out noise and at the same time brings the relaxation you need after a long day.

3. Warm up your relationships with loved ones

In summer, we look for invigorating coolness, but certainly not in case of our interpersonal relationships. Holidays are a wonderful time that fosters relationships with loved ones. Shorter nights typical for summer may adversely affect the quality of sleep, but on the other hand, long days give you a chance to pursue social activities. Spending time outdoor with friends in a pleasant and casual way unites. Staying among close people can improve our well-being, strengthen the sense of belonging to a group. Having loved ones in your circle gives you a sense of emotional security. It is worth remembering that you do not have to wait for an invitation, we can be the initiators of a meeting that will build mental health. The summer outdoors are certainly conducive to this.

  • Initiate an outdoor meeting with loved ones. A picnic offers a great opportunity to build shared memories.
  • Invite a loved one for a walk around the area. It’s a good opportunity to talk to each other and strengthen ties.
Summer outdoor meetings offer an opportunity to strengthen social bonds that are good for your well-being.

4. Take your health status into account

For some people the summer months may be associated with nuisances due to exacerbations of their medical conditions. People with chronic illnesses must be careful in summer primarily due to high temperatures, but not only. People suffering from COPD must beware of the dry, summer air, irritating smoke formed during barbecuing and increased dusting. Summer is not liked by people with cardiovascular problems, the loads arising during this time can result in a heart attack or stroke. Summer is a holiday period, also for doctors. To avoid stress, it is worth planning and securing your needs related to the disease during the summer months. It is important to use the charms of summer wisely, protecting yourself from harmful factors and choosing both the time of day and the type of activity most suitable for our condition. The time when it is not advisable to leave the house can be used for regenerating rest. VR TierOne GO relaxation headset can be helpful in strengthening mental health. Virtual experience improves well-being and calms us down. It allows us to stay in the summer scenery, even when our physical condition really does not allow it

  • Avoid going outside when temperatures are at their maximum. This can pose a health risk and impair your well-being.
  • Remember about proper hydration on hot days and a safe cooling strategy for the body.

5. Take a vacation and connect with nature

If you are working, take the right number of days off to be able to regenerate during your holiday. Holidays are a recipe for stress and a rest from household chores. But remember that holidays can also be a stressful event, e.g. if our holiday plans are not in line with our needs. It is worth getting in touch with nature during your holiday. Beautiful natural landscapes lift your mood and reduce stress. These may be distant escapades abounding in exotic views of nature, close trips outside the city or even a visit to the garden. Summer creates an opportunity to observe the beauty of nature and the world around us. However, if we spend our summer time absorbed in work, we can strengthen our well-being and take advantage of the offer of relaxation in contact with the virtual nature of VR TierOne GO.

  • Observe the nature. Even just looking gives you peace and allows you to focus on the present moment.
  • Do not plan to carry out difficult matters for the holiday period. Use other days of the year to take care of them.

6. Travel, but not at all costs

In summer, we definitely more often decide to travel not only because of the weather, but also because of the school holidays of our children. Travel is a great experience as long as it doesn’t pose a health risk due to the extremely high temperatures of the destination we’re going to. In order for summer trips to strengthen our mental health, it is worth taking care of finances in advance and taking care of professional duties so that they do not encumber us during the trip. Changing the environment can have a positive impact on our emotional balance. New places allow you to discover a different perspective, give you a fresh look at interesting matters. However, if you can’t travel, try relaxing at home.

  • Don’t succumb to the pressure of trendy travel destinations. Go to a place that pleases you.
  • Remember to relax even if you stay on holiday in your place of residence. Physical presence at home doesn’t mean you can’t rest on the seashore. Impossible? Try the new form of relaxation with 360° VR TierOne GO relaxation videos.

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