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Group relaxation with use of VR TierOne GO

Joanna Pidanty - April 13, 2023 - 0 comments

Correct relaxation requires both an adequate environment and the correct therapist to guide the process. VR TierOne GO provides everything necessary for effective relaxation. The task of the person in charge of the virtual relaxation process is to monitor the course of the session and manage VR headsets. This process is significantly improved by the add-on in the form of software on the VR TierOne GO relaxation control tablet.

Individual and group relaxation

Relaxation is nothing more than conscious relaxing, rest on both the physical and the mental plane. The practice of relaxation is an important part of rehabilitation, as it improves mood and promotes pain reduction. It helps in performing the necessary physical exercises in a more conscious and precise way. The benefits of relaxation strongly support its regular practicing. Relaxation can be practiced individually or as part of group activities. It all depends on the circumstances, preferences, as well as the abilities of the participants. The ability to rest healthy can be practiced with the aid of techniques that will facilitate the relaxation of muscles, internal organs and the psyche. In order to achieve the state of relaxation, we need a kind of guide, which will allow us to properly perform exercises. We can use tutorials, listen to a voice-over recordings, or observe the trainer to achieve a relaxing response. Regardless of whether it will be individual or group relaxation, the circumstances should be conducive to rest and able to cut us off from the distractors. Outdoor activities can meet these assumptions, as the proximity of nature calms and improves mood. However, direct contact with nature may be difficult, and participation in outdoor activities may prove impossible. Situations related to the loss of health and fitness may constitute an obstacle here. The VR TierOne GO mobile relaxation headset provides full relaxation and complete silence in beautiful natural conditions, without the need to leave the current place of stay.

VR TierOne GO headsets provide excellent conditions for both group and individual relaxation.

Group relaxation with VR TierOne GO

VR TierOne GO is based on Virtual Reality technology, which allows for immediate transfer of relaxation participants to the optimal environment. The VR TierOne GO relaxation headset gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the relaxing landscape of VR 360° relaxation videos. The carefully prepared visual layer provides an excellent background for the voice of the virtual therapist, who guides participants through the relaxation process. It sets the optimum breathing pattern, directs attention to individual parts of the body and elements of the environment. Conducting group relaxation activities is an efficient method, willingly used when the group of people who need relaxation is large. TierOne GO VR headset separates you from the distracting environment, including other participants of therapy. This is good information for people, who find it difficult to relax during group activities.

The advantage of group relaxation with the use of VR TierOne GO headsets is the feeling of an individually addressed session.

Virtual relaxation under control

The dedicated software will make carrying out group relaxation with the use of VR TierOne GO headsets seamless. The VR TierOne GO relaxation control software on the tablet is an additional option that allows you to control the course of the relaxation session and makes it easier to manage multiple VR headsets. The person in charge of virtual relaxation session can, using the tablet:

  • review the 360° video content,
  • select the appropriate relaxation film,
  • start the relaxation session remotely,
  • follow the progress of virtual relaxation,
  • check out what the participants are seeing right now,
  • if necessary, halt and resume the process,
  • control the battery levels of VR headsets,
  • monitor the readiness status of individual headsets.
The tablet with the installed software makes it easy to carry out VR TierOne GO group relaxation.

The software enables efficient virtual relaxation, without technical interference that would disturb the immersive experience of the participants. The software has been developed to facilitate the operation of multiple sets of VR headsets at the same time, but it will work just as well in case of individual relaxation. The option to control relaxation with a tablet is especially helpful when the process concerns, for example, a group of patients with neurological disorders. With the help of the tablet, it will be easier to carry out the process of relaxation with stroke patients, autistic people or other participants with some difficulties. Remote control shortens the preparatory process and makes relaxation with VR goggles more hygienic. The person in charge does not have to look inside the participant’s headset to start the video. Thanks to the software installed on the tablet, virtual relaxation is under control, and it can be made effective and convenient. The participant and the person in charge do not have to be trained in virtual relaxation. Technology guarantees the correct course and a sense of peace for both parties.

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