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10 health benefits of relaxation

Joanna Pidanty - October 7, 2022 - 0 comments

Relaxation is a process aimed at physical and mental detente. The relaxation reaction is the body’s natural ability and aims at balancing harmful psychophysical changes caused by its reaction to stress. Entering a state of relaxation may be disturbed and take place in a manner insufficient to maintain the desired harmony of the body. Fortunately, the ability to achieve a state of demobilization can be trained and improved thanks to relaxation methods. Let’s take a look at the health benefits of relaxation.

Breathing for the start

In a situation of stress, the body remains under the influence of the sympathetic part of its autonomic nervous system. This branch of the nervous system is responsible for preparing the body to confront the threat, it allows the “fight or flight” response. Chronic staying in the mobilisation state does not give a chance to demonstrate an antagonistic effect of the parasympathetic part. Under the influence of long-term stress, the parasympathetic system loses its ability to operate. Activating the main part of this system – the vagus nerve is required to achieve a sense of relaxation, well-being, regeneration and health. Stimulation of the vagus nerve can occur, for example, through slow and deep diaphragmatic breathing. Conscious work with breath is a well-known technique that allows you to trigger a relaxation reaction.

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1. Reduction of stress and anxiety

Cumulative stress is associated with a feeling of anxiety, which is unpleasant at the physical and mental levels. Chronic stress can support anxiety, leading to progressive exhaustion and loss of life control. The physical symptom of anxiety is the increased muscle tension, and relaxation is the way to relieve it. Independent relaxation and finding the optimal conditions for relaxation can come with difficulty. Supporting the relaxation process is thus necessary and possible, allowing the experience of pleasurable bliss and regaining of well-being. Relaxation in the VR TierOne GO environment is a great offer for people suffering from stress. Relaxing VR TierOne GO headset allows you to calm your anxiety and take a regenerating break in the beautiful scenery of nature.

2. Healthier heart

Relaxation means not only benefits for our mental sphere. Relaxation on the mental level is followed by physiological changes. By relaxing, we can affect the work of these organs, whose work is not subject to our will. Stimulating the vagus nerve by breathing calmly, deeply and steadily we can calm the heart. The activated parasympathetic system (the one responsible for relaxation and regeneration) inhibits the work of innervated organs, switches the cardiac cycle to a more saving one, expands blood vessels and allows you to lower blood pressure. The relaxation practice is an excellent support in the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

3. Improved immunity

There is a two-way relationship between the nervous system and the immune system. Chronic stress leads to distortion of balance not only at the mental level, but also at the biological level. Prolonged stress leads to immunosuppression. This inhibited response of the immune system makes the body less capable to cope with pathogens. Chronic stress causes inflammatory reactions throughout the body, and the resulting immune deficiencies affect the development of many diseases, including cancer. The infection rate is increasing. Relaxation is a natural and pleasant way to reverse stress-related losses and leads to the strengthening of immunity.

4. Faster regeneration

The human body has a natural ability to regenerate. Stress inhibits repair processes, but by relaxing we can switch back to the regeneration mode. The aesthetic aspect of the values of nature helps in experiencing pleasant relaxation. Relating with the picturesque nature supports repair processes. We can carry out relaxation training either on our own, or with the help of a therapist who will lead us to health. Thanks to relaxing VR 360° videos supported by voice-over recordings, regenerative processes of the body can be supported.

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5. Increase in energy

Stress means an energy expenditure, while relaxation is associated with storing energy and strength. Therefore, the more frequently or more stress we experience, the more relaxation there should be. Otherwise, we will feel exhausted and reluctant to be active. Relaxation renews life energy, creativity, adds strength to face everyday life. Relaxation increases the willingness and motivation to work, prevents professional burnout and the decline in psychomotor drive typical of depression.

6. A Good Sleep

Stress disturbs our night rest. The practice of silencing mental and emotional activity helps to achieve high quality of sleep. Evening relaxation makes the tension drop, thoughts calm down, which shortens the time needed to get to sleep. Mastering relaxation techniques requires practice. Relaxing voice-over recordings, which can be found in the VR TierOne GO solution, are helpful in relaxing the body. It is worth using relaxation at bedtime as evening mental hygiene.

7. Reduction of pain

Too much tension causes muscle pain and stiffness. A common issue resulting from tense muscles of the head and neck is tension headache. Such pain occurs due to fatigue and in the absence of relaxation. A bothersome headache can last even days, preventing you from focusing on the work you are doing and reducing your well-being. Cutting off from stressful stimuli for a while and giving yourself over to relaxation is helpful in the non-pharmacological treatment of pain. Relaxation relaxes the muscles and relieves unpleasant pain and helps prevent their occurrence in the future.

8. Better looking skin

The negative effects of stress can be seen on the skin. Excessive stress induces or exacerbates the course of skin diseases such as: psoriasis, eczema, alopecia, acne, hives, lichen planus, pruritus and AD. Overproduction of the stress hormone promotes the degradation of collagen fibres, rendering the skin less elastic. The emotions experienced affect the condition of the skin (and facial features), while the condition of the skin affects the emotional state. Failure to manage stress in time is damaging your skin. Relaxation improves the appearance and helps maintain the proper protective function of the skin. The use of relaxation methods is recommended as a support in dermatological treatment.

9. Improved digestion

Stress causes many digestive problems and is often responsible for e.g. irritable bowel syndrome and overgrowth of the intestinal bacterial flora. Regular relaxation helps to prevent functional disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. Without rest, the digestive system cannot be expected to function properly. Relaxation supports the intestinal passage. A healthy vagus nerve strengthens the activity of the smooth muscles of the gastrointestinal tract, and thus peristalsis, supports the migrating myoelectric complex (MMC) that is decisive for the proper cleansing of intestines from undigested remains. In addition, subject literature also emphasizes the impact of stress on disorders of the intestinal microbiota. Abnormal composition of the microflora may affect the development of mental disorders including depression and anxiety disorders. Regular relaxation can help alleviate digestive problems.

10. Correct figure

Excessive levels of the stress hormone – cortisol result in weight gain, mainly around the neck, face and torso. Cortisol is a catabolic hormone, which means that under long-term stress it will make us lose our muscle mass. Weight gain and muscle loss will translate into slower metabolism and extra pounds. If you add digestive problems and the intensity of appetite induced by chronic stress, it is not difficult to imagine that your figure will suffer from it. The practice of relaxation is an important element of a healthy lifestyle, and together with diet and exercise, it supports the formation of a healthy figure.

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