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VR TierOne therapeutically

1. What is the connection between Virtual Reality and the rehabilitation process?

In course of our research we established that it would be beneficial to bring the patient in condition of relaxation and motivation that would enable to eliminate barriers rendering the rehabilitation impossible, as rehabilitation in the first three months following the trauma (e.g. brain injury, or cardiac issues) is critical for the best possible recovery. It was found that the Ericksonian therapy (which is used by the VR TierOne solution) also helps to improve the mental condition of the therapy participants. There is a niche area where rehabilitation systems can benefit from virtual reality. Accordingly, there is a need for methods and systems to provide rehabilitation using Virtual Reality (VR).

2. Why does VR TierOne therapeutic solution help?

Virtual Reality technology allows us to completely detach the patient from reality (also in a hospital setting), which is often depressive in itself, and transfer him or her to a world full of colours, joy and hope, which has a healing effect on his/her psyche and stimulates the mechanisms of brain plasticity. During the therapeutic cycle, the patient is positively stimulated by the immersive world of VR coupled with carefully targeted therapeutic texts.

3. How exactly does the VR TierOne therapeutic story work?

Whenever there is a threat to life, psychological defense mechanisms are weakened, which is why a person is very susceptible to suggestions. Without the appropriate therapeutic preparation, it may happen that the patient receives a series of negative suggestions that will have a very strong impact on his/her mental condition. VR TierOne therapeutic story provides strong positive therapeutic suggestions, which improve the patient’s mood and reduce the level of anxiety, increasing hope for improvement and strengthening the motivation for rehabilitation.

4. Is the therapy proven and safe?

The VR TierOne device is a medical device. It is completely safe, as confirmed by scientific research. A detailed risk analysis was also carried out. VR TierOne device therapy is a pioneering solution that a specially selected team of professionals has been working on for several years. VR TierOne therapy is a tested and safe solution.

5. What does the virtual space, in which the patient stays, look like during the therapy?

Virtual space is the Garden of Rebirth created by us.

6. How long does VR TierOne therapy take?

The therapy is a two-week therapeutic cycle, in which 8 therapy sessions are scheduled, of up to 20 minutes each, plus a session introducing the patient to Virtual Reality.

7. How many sessions per day does the patient participate in?

The patient takes part in one session a day.

8. Can the patient be subjected to more than one session a day?

The twenty-minute session is the best duration during which the mind is receptive and does not get overloaded.

Therefore, for the highest effectiveness of VR TierOne therapy, we recommend limiting it to 1 session a day.

9. Is there a compendium of knowledge about VR TierOne therapy, other than the website?

Yes, apart from the website, the recommended knowledge resource covering our virtual therapy is the VR TierOne Clinical Guide. The publication helps people involved in the patients’ therapeutic process. If you work with the VR TierOne device, you can request the content of the Clinical Guide by filling out the form in the DOWNLOAD tab.

10. Can I somehow consolidate the therapeutic effect between the sessions?

Yes, the VR experience can be recorded and continued using the VR TierOne therapeutic colouring book entitled “Colours of my reflections”, which serves as a therapy diary. This does not constitute a necessary component, but it will help you capture your memories and emotions in a pleasant way, using words and colours. All you need is a box of crayons and the dedicated VR TierOne therapeutic colouring book, which you can be purchased in the store at your medical facility.