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VR goggle lens cloth

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Clear image in clear lenses

Product overview:

The cloth allows you to safely remove dust, dust or fingerprint marks from the delicate surface of the goggle lenses. Using the dedicated cloth will not cause scratches, so your VR goggle lenses will stay in good condition for longer.


The smooth-touch cloth is designed to clean the delicate optics of VR goggles. An essential accessory for keeping lenses clean and ensuring a clear image. The product is designed for repeated use.


If you want to remove dirt from your lenses, use a dry cloth. Wipe the lenses gently in a circular motion from the centre outwards until the surface is clean and the image is clear and comfortable to look at.


Soft and lightweight cloth made of dust-free synthetic fibre. The material does not scratch surfaces and does not leave particles. Suitable for cleaning the optical system. Cloth in grey, with logo. Dimensions of cloth: 17 cm x 17 cm. Packed in plastic pouch.

Contents of the package:

1 piece

* A VR goggle lens cloth is included with the VR TierOne medical device and the VR TierOne GO mobile relaxation goggles. Order an additional cloth to have a practical supply of this essential accessory.