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VR TierOne GO in self-care practice

Joanna Pidanty - June 18, 2024 - 0 comments

The way we treat ourselves has great importance on our health and sense of satisfaction with life. Taking care of oneself, finding time to nurture oneself in every dimension, that is what self-care is all about. Modern VR technology can help take care of oneself on an emotional and psychological level. VR TierOne GO provides the right environment for this and creates good conditions to spend time with oneself and relax.

Self-care practice

The practice of self-care can be described as a set of actions aimed at maintaining one’s own health, well-being, and relationship with oneself in the best possible condition. One of the important principles of self-care is finding time to relax and listen to your needs. Practicing self-care increases self-awareness, which is necessary for healthy functioning and growth. In everyday life, not everyone will approach with enthusiasm that you are taking care of yourself! It may be stereotypically seen as egocentric, vain, or as an excuse for laziness. Taking care of oneself requires some effort, may demand discipline, and definitely requires assertiveness. It is challenging to weave conscious self-care into the daily schedule. Therefore, many people not only push their needs to the very end but also feel guilty about taking time to care for themselves. People who prioritise the needs of others over their own eventually feel frustration and sustain their chronic fatigue, which can lead to serious illness. Therefore, be your own ally and take care of yourself, just as you care for others who matter to you. Fortunately, there is increasing social and cultural awareness about the potential and benefits of self-care. And this pertains not only to physical appearance and beauty, but also to emotional and psychological aspects.

Self-care can be found in both a special ritual and in daily self-care practices.

Space for self-care

When you start taking care of yourself, it is most effective to do so in a dedicated space with appropriate support. A fitness club can be a place where you take care of your body, a beauty salon can be a place for beauty care, and a temple can be a place where you take care of your spirit. A therapeutic office can be a professional place for taking care of your mental well-being. However, it must be realistically acknowledged that we typically seek professional help only when we have a problem that we cannot solve on our own. In reality, a self-care space can be created in one’s own home, at school, or at work. This function can be fulfilled by a properly arranged space. In office or university settings, this could be a so-called chill-out room, which is simply a relaxation room. Comfortable space and appropriate self-care accessories facilitate daily self-care. Massage chairs, meditation mats, scented candles, and beauty accessories create an inviting and inspiring environment for self-care. By creating the right space, the practice of self-care is not only easier but also has its physical framework. Using accessories serves their primary function and effectively signals to those around us that we are taking time to relax. The gadget allows us to set boundaries and avoid situations where someone might interrupt us.

VR in self-care practice

The right space and accessories support the practice of self-care, but they do not guide us through the process in the same way as a specialist would. An interesting example of combining all these elements are the VR goggles TierOne GO designed for relaxation. This physical accessory provides space for self-care at the mental level and simultaneously acts as a guide in this process. Relaxation goggles based on Virtual Reality allow the mind to immerse itself in a environment that is good for relaxation. Immersion provides detachment from a stressful environment. Reduced external stimuli and entering a comfortable world allow us to make the most of the time we have for relaxation. And there is usually not much of it. 10 minutes is the duration of a single relaxation session using the TierOne GO VR goggles. Using goggles has many benefits. They can be used practically anywhere and at any time. You can take care of yourself literally without looking after others. VR goggles as a device enable quick access to an optimal relaxation environment. This is important when you are in unfriendly environments: unattractive, disorderly, depressing, or lacking access to nature. They are useful wherever there is a lack of conducive space (and time to access it) and other options to maintain one’s well-being. Mobile relaxation VR goggles like TierOne GO can be a good way to take care of yourself and unwind after a tough day or a challenging experience. VR relaxation goggles utilise mindfulness, meditation, and breathing techniques, bringing people closer to nature and increasing awareness of what serves us well.

The TierOne GO VR goggles provide a conducive space and support for relaxation.

Benefits of self-care

Self-care is essential for maintaining proper functioning and well-being. Taking care of oneself is a good prevention against health disorders. It helps reduce stress, maintain inner peace, and find joy in existence. Being able to take care of ourselves allows us to feel good about who we are. Regular self-care practices prevent burnout, depression, reduce anxiety, and stress. Self-care also benefits relationships with others. It is definitely more enjoyable and healthier to interact with someone in a good mood and with positive energy than with someone frustrated or aggressive. So let us respect, protect, and care for each other. Let us also allow others to take care of themselves.

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