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VR TierOne GO application areas

Joanna Pidanty - September 15, 2022 - 0 comments

The VR TierOne GO solution is designed for complete relaxation and total silencing. Relaxation is an effective way to restore balance of your body and improve your mood. Why is relaxing in Virtual Reality a good idea? Because in the real world, we may face difficulties in resting effectively, relieving stress and its negative health effects.

Virtual solution to stress

VR TierOne GO headset contains relaxing spherical videos depicting soothing natural landscapes, e.g. mountains, forest, lake. The 360°-degree movies were enriched with voice-over recordings, therapeutic music and pleasant sounds of nature. VR relaxation is based, among others, on breathing techniques, mindfulness and meditation. All these elements make it easier to achieve a healthy state of relaxation and tranquility. Relaxation in VR is effective because the session participants are quickly isolated from stressful stimuli and embedded in a natural environment that promotes well-being. Virtual relaxation is recommended for people who suffer from stress, anxiety, a decrease in mood and willingness to act. In the case of diagnosed depressive and anxiety disorders, it is recommended to use therapy using a VR TierOne medical device.

Optimistic horizons during hospitalization

Hospitalization is usually associated with illness or bodily injury, and it ranks 6th on the scale of stress by Holmes and Rahe, ranking the most stressful life situations. Staying in the hospital is an unpleasant experience, during which anxiety and stress appear. The sterile hospital environment can be unfriendly and difficult to tame. In addition to the ailments associated with the disease, patients suffer from loneliness, lack of privacy and longing for sounds and views closer to their hearts. In this difficult time, efforts should be made to increase the mental comfort of patients. With the new VR TierOne GO solution, you can easily transfer patients from a hostile hospital environment and offer them a soothing space, where they can rebuild their well-being and experience a moment of privacy. After just a short session in the VR TierOne GO headset, the situation of hospital stay, immobilization or isolation will become less stressful. The patients find their safe space they can return to and relax. The mental condition of the patient is improving, and there is a faster recovery on the horizon.

The natural landscapes of VR TierOne GO videos restore serenity and replenish good energy.

Stress-free in outpatient mode

Although some treatments, procedures and examinations do not require hospitalization, they can be unpleasant, embarrassing and stressful for the patient. The interference with physicality necessary for health is a source of both stress and pain. Outpatient procedures become easier to accept when the patient is accompanied by stimuli that reduce stress, anxiety and pain sensations. Some do better when they follow the course of medical procedures, but there are those who wish to escape unpleasant sights at that time. The VR TierOne GO relaxation goggles can be used during procedures, as well as while waiting in the waiting room and in case of necessary rest immediately after the visit. Thanks to the friendly landscapes, sounds of nature and soothing words of the tutor-therapist the VR TierOne GO solution helps to calm down and relax. Entering the world of virtual nature causes the absence of the mind in the physical world, this advantage allows to distract attention from unpleasant pain sensations during procedures.

VR TierOne GO headsets can be disinfected, their use is safe and hygienic.

Work on the well-being of employees

Stress affecting employees constitutes an issue for the entire company. A stressed employee is less productive and creative, may be lethargic or, on the contrary, agitated and conflicted. Excessive stress translates into a tense atmosphere of the working environment, which results in dissatisfaction and poor cooperation of employees. The efficiency is also declining due to more frequent sick leaves, as stress increases accidentality at work and also leads to serious conditions, including depression. The psychophysical condition of employees is as important as their skills and knowledge. Therefore, conscious organizations try to create conditions conducive to the mental health of employees. VR TierOne GO fits perfectly into corporate well-being. Of course, companies cannot take full responsibility for employees’ well-being, but they can offer tools to help them offset harmful stress during working hours. The VR TierOne GO relaxation headsets promote calming down and renewing the employees’ energy in a short time. This is an important parameter, because the need to devote a lot of time to relax can be stressful for people who always have a lot of tasks to do in the perspective. A short valuable break in the virtual environment of nature supports the well-being and health of employees, preventing mental crises and occupational burnout.

The VR TierOne GO wireless headset can reduce employee stress.

Virtual Autumn of Life

The VR TierOne GO Virtual Movie Space is perfect for people in the autumn of their lives. This is the stage where difficult situations, that are unfavourable for well-being, appear. Illnesses, loneliness, distance from family are only some of the stressful circumstances our seniors face. Relaxing VR headsets can be used in senior homes and clubs. The calm nature of the virtual experience is suitable for people, who are over 60, providing inner peace and positive emotions. Relaxation with the help of VR TierOne GO helps caregivers take care of the mental well-being of seniors. Older people usually have no reservations to the use of Virtual Reality and if there are no health contraindications (epilepsy, schizophrenia, serious problems with vision, electronic medical implants) they can safely benefit from the virtual experience. VR relaxation sessions are recommended for seniors when they experience anxiety, stress, outbursts of aggression, anger, negative attitude towards the environment and sleep disorders. VR relaxation is easy to perform and the participant will have a sense of individually targeted care. Additional software on the VR TierOne GO tablet allows you to perform group relaxation sessions. This is a useful option that allows you to take care of the well-being of an entire group of people. VR TierOne GO offers variation of activities for seniors, supporting a cheerful mood and reducing stress. Relaxation with VR TierOne GO helps to keep the elderly in the best possible health.

The software of the VR TierOne GO tablet makes it easier for a group of people to relax.

A way to relax at home

The use of the VR TierOne GO solution is also possible at home. Relaxing VR headset is particularly especially recommended for people, who have difficulties in relaxing on their own, who are looking for their own zone of peace and relaxation. VR TierOne GO is an effective way to reduce tension, improve mood, to emotionally calm and reduce fatigue. VR 360°-degree movies help maintain daily mental hygiene, allow you to cut off stress and the whirlpool of chores. Operating the headset is simple and it is controlled with your vision. Just sit back and relax in a virtual environment. If you have little time to rest, feel worse, long for contact with nature and need to care for your health, try relaxing with the VR TierOne GO mobile headset.

A relaxing environment is in reach of VR TierOne GO headset users.

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