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Take care of mental well-being using VR

Joanna Pidanty - June 14, 2022 - 0 comments

Mental well-being means great feeling and a positive assessment of one’s own life. And we want to feel good and have a good life. We focus on acquiring the material resources that will enable us to do so. There is prosperity, but it not always means mental well-being. It takes more than money to experience it. Mental well-being feeds on non-material goods. You can take care of it and it’s worth it! Because well-being gives energy, life activity and promotes health.

Mental well-being

Well-being is a complex concept and it evades definition. Well-being is identified with happiness, good emotions and satisfaction, it is associated with health. It is difficult to talk about mental well-being when there are disorders in the area of health. On the other hand, the absence of diseases does not automatically mean well-being. The perceived low level of mental well-being requires attention and strengthening. Lack of care for areas related to well-being is associated with the risk of health problems. The most common mental disorder in the world is depression. Its symptoms locate it on the opposite side of what we call mental well-being. Depression manifests itself in apathy, inability to cope with everyday life, anhedonia, low self-esteem and aversion to life. Depression with the associated anxiety withdraws people from the use of available resources, which is why the quality of life of people with depression decreases. Mental well-being is based on a valuable action that brings joy and pleasure and a sense of fulfillment and meaning of life. A person experiencing mental well-being feels inner peace, draws from the resources of the environment and functions optimally.

The constituents of mental well-being

Carol Ryff, an American psychologist, enumerated the factors behind mental well-being. She created a six-factor model of mental well-being that goes beyond the pleasure of life. The model includes such factors of mental well-being as: self-acceptance, environmental mastery, positive relations with others, personal development, having a purpose in life and autonomy. Therefore, in the pursuit of mental well-being, one should accept and respect oneself, actively create and influence one’s own environment, nurture interpersonal relationships, improve oneself, strive for a goal in one’s actions without contradiction with one’s own system of values. It’s almost a ready-made recipe for mental well-being. Do you know how to implement it?

Well-being is positively influenced by relationships with trusted people that we like.

Well-being and stress

Well-being requires work in many areas. Under perfect conditions our life and professional roles allow for the harmonious implementation of well-being factors. We know well that the requirements of the modern world are large and threaten mental balance. Overloading with stress causes our attitude towards tasks to change to negative and the mood to decrease. This is noticed by employers who, for the sake of their employees (and their business), introduce the concepts of well-being in companies. Stressful experiences are not only related to work, stress also occurs in serious diseases and loss of health and fitness. Under the influence of an excess of stressful situations, but also a deficit of positive experiences comes a reduced mood, passivity and malaise, which unfortunately can become permanent and result in depression. In a depressive sense of inability, it is difficult to think well of yourself, nurture relationships, take care of your development or influence the environment. Depression is an unfavorable condition that needs to be addressed and its recurrence prevented. We may find stress and depression prevention in the family, nature and other goods around us. VR technology can also come to the rescue.

Virtual source of well-being

Caring for well-being is caring for your resources, including internal ones, which will be used in difficult, stressful and crisis situations. In order to maintain mental well-being, you need rest, time to meet your own emotions, a kind and friendly environment that will allow you to reduce the stress you experience. When we do not have access to an environment that will mentally support us, we can effectively counteract stress and malaise in a virtual environment. The VR TierOne medical device was created to support the treatment of depression. It is used to treat anxiety and stress and maintain well-being. Therapy based on the idea of the virtual Garden of Rebirth and the assumptions of Ericksonian psychotherapy promotes the health of sick people and maintains the condition of healthy people, who want valuable strengthening, detachment from reality, ordering of their emotions and effective relaxation. The subsequent VR TierOne therapy sessions last about 20 minutes each. It is a time worth finding, that will enable us to take advantage of the virtual resource of kindness, hope and well-being. An effective method to nourish well-being. Total immersion in the beneficial virtual Garden calms down internal vibrations, strengthens mental forces necessary to regain health and strive for a good life.

Take care of your mental well-being with VR TierOne.

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