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Safety of VR TierOne therapy

Joanna Pidanty - February 15, 2023 - 0 comments

In recent years, interest in the use of VR technology in medicine, including the treatment of mental health disorders, has increased. At the same time, any new technology is associated with human fears, which may turn out to be unfounded or far outgrowth. This post will discuss the safety of treatment of depression and anxiety using the innovative VR TierOne medical device.

Virtual therapy

Virtual Reality can be of assistance when carrying out the therapeutic process. VR is a medium that allows you to separate the participant from external distracters, gain immersion and focus on the present moment, regardless of the conditions prevailing in the real world. The total immersion in therapeutic content allows to increase its effectiveness. The virtual space created by VR TierOne is aesthetic, friendly, safe, and the experience peaceful. The patient does not have to be afraid of contact with the virtual world. The participant is not required to be able to operate VR devices or deal with Virtual Reality technology. The first meeting begins with a session that introduces the patient to the world of therapy. The INTRO session allows you to get acquainted with the virtual Garden of Rebirth before initiating the therapeutic cycle. During their stay in the VR world, the participants remain under the care of a virtual therapist, who accompanies them in each subsequent therapeutic session. The patients are cared for and have a sense of security.

Non-pharmacological management

VR TierOne therapy has been designed around the elements of Ericksonian psychotherapy. Such modality is oriented towards arousing and strengthening resources and directing the forces inherent in the participant of the therapy. Virtual therapy is intended to support people who face depression, anxiety and stress. This offers an effective type of support for patients, who have experienced a serious illness or condition and require mental support during a difficult time of recovery and rehabilitation. VR TierOne non-pharmacological therapy is characterized by a high profile of safety and tolerance and it is suitable for the elderly.

Effective therapy

The impact of VR TierOne virtual therapy has been tested in the course of research in the areas of cardiac, neurological, pulmonological rehabilitation, oncological rehabilitation and support for seniors in the treatment of symptoms of depression. The research was carried out with the approval of the ethics committee and proves the effectiveness of VR TierOne in reducing depression, stress and anxiety. In addition, the study demonstrated a positive effect of VR therapy on constructive management of the disease, increase in activity and participation in rehabilitation. The VR TierOne solution has gained the trust of hospitals and today it successfully serves the health of patients in medical facilities.

Recommendation for VR TierOne – SP ZOZ MSWiA in Głuchołazy

Comfort of use

Conducting VR TierOne therapy is also convenient for the staff. The device does not require calibration, so there is no risk of error. Therapy is scheduled, sessions are held in a fixed order and last for an optimal period of time. After a short training in the operation and maintenance of the device, staff can start supporting patients with symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress. Conducting virtual therapy does not require specialist qualifications, which allows it to be used in those places that do not have an adequate number of people authorized to provide psychological assistance. Virtual therapy does not require the provision of appropriate conditions, it can be carried out comfortably at just any place and time. In addition, the device has a base on wheels in its design to facilitate its transport. Therapy can be enjoyed without any obstacles by people in wheelchairs. For the operators of the VR TierOne device, this means comfortable work with people with disabilities.

Hygiene of use

The VR TierOne medical device has been designed to operate in hospital environments. Hygiene of use is especially important in places with a large flow of patients. The professional device has been coated with an easy-to-clean coating – a resistant antibacterial varnish. Elements of the headset coming in contact with the patient’s skin can be disinfected, and if worn, they can be easily replaced with new ones. Hygienic safety during VR TierOne sessions is enhanced by disposable hygienic masks for VR headset suggested by the creators of the solution.

Stimulation safety

Well-designed therapy allows you to safely use the pro-health benefits of Virtual Reality. During our work on the VR TierOne solution, we paid particular attention to eliminating possible side effects related to the use of VR. There is no risk of simulator disease when using VR TierOne. Slowly changing environment of the virtual Garden of Rebirth, calmly flowing audio-visual message, keeping the optimal time of a single session and the use of high-end VR headset guarantee safety and pleasant reception. VR TierOne therapy is designed in such a way that it does not cause any additional ailments and unpleasant sensations to the patients.

The recommended sitting position during VR TierOne therapy eliminates the risk of side effects resulting from impaired labyrinthine function.

Safety of content

The issues of safety and efficacy are a priority in the field of medicine and patient health. Do no harm, use knowledge to counteract suffering and bring relief – these are the assumptions that VR TierOne meets. The therapeutic story was designed by a certified psychotherapist and supervised by the Polish Ericksonian Institute. The story narrated by the virtual therapist was created for VR TierOne and it is of proprietary nature. Safe therapeutic content allows you to get into a state of relaxation and positive reinforcement. The therapy uses the mandala theme, which does not pose a threat to the spirituality and religious practices of the therapy participants.

Contraindications to therapy

Every intervention has some limitations. In the case of VR TierOne therapy, there is a small group of contraindications, which are dictated by safety concerns and the possibility of effective action. The following circumstances constitute permanent or temporary contraindications to VR TierOne therapy:

  • photogenic epilepsy,
  • schizophrenia,
  • productive symptoms,
  • aphatic disorders,
  • state of convalescence following cataract surgery,
  • pacemaker or other implanted electronic medical device.

It is clear that only people with preserved vision and hearing functions, who understand the language in which the therapy takes place will benefit from participation in VR TierOne therapy. People with visual impairments (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism) can enjoy VR TierOne therapy in the glasses they use on a daily basis. For safety reasons one must first evaluate the condition of the patient before starting the VR Tier One therapeutic cycle. In order to efficiently verify the existence of contraindications, it is recommended to use the Patient Qualification Form designed by VR TierOne.

The patient qualification form facilitates the process of qualifying patients for VR TierOne therapy.

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