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Relaxation tailored to our times and needs. Meet VR TierOne GO

Joanna Pidanty - August 16, 2022 - 0 comments

Relaxation is essential for health and correct functioning. Without sufficient rest, the mood decreases and health problems emerge. Sometimes life circumstances distract or prevent the traditional forms of relaxation in the surroundings of nature. What is close to man and serves the well-being becomes distant. It is time to return to nature and experience the regenerative relaxation in a way that is tailored to our times and needs. Meet VR TierOne GO!

The virtual sphere of relaxation

Contact with nature brings relief, but physical relaxation in the bosom of nature can be difficult, and sometimes even inaccessible. The VR TierOne GO mobile relaxation headset allow everyone looking for a respite from the stresses of everyday life to connect with the relaxing world of nature. It is a great way to reduce stress and increase mood for:

  • patients in hospitals,
  • residents of nursing homes,
  • people with mobility disabilities,
  • people in isolation,
  • stressed employees,
  • people immobilized due to their condition.

Initiatives to promote mental health in medical facilities and in the work environment are becoming more widespread. What is sought for are ways to emotionally support the patients. In accordance with the spirit of wellbeing, ever more often office relaxation spaces are created. Physicians noticed that taking care of the patients’ psyche accelerates recovery, while employers notice that the good mental condition of employees translates into the good condition of the company. VR TierOne GO will work well in corporate relaxation rooms, where employees can balance stress and rest during working hours. Natural motifs are particularly popular in chillout room design. VR TierOne GO offers a library of relaxing spherical films in VR technology, all with voice recording of the therapist. The users of the headset become wrapped in nature. They become immersed in the relaxing scenery surrounding them. Effective rest in the surroundings of forest, mountains, beach or lake has become achievable regardless of possibilities and circumstances.

Psychotherapy alone is not able to cure severe depression, but it should constitute an integral part of therapy.

Mobile relaxation headset

The VR TierOne GO Stress Relief Solution is, at least in the physical dimension, the VR headset. Lack of wiring increases the freedom of use in various places. VR TierOne GO allows you to commune with the calming nature. It will work wherever there is a lot of stress and contact with the natural environment is limited:

  • in hospitals,
  • in medical practices,
  • in senior citizens’ homes,
  • in the working environment
  • in wellness centres,
  • in care facilities,
  • in rehabilitation facilities.

Thanks to its exceptional ease of use, it is also suitable for independent relaxation in the home environment. The headset is essential to immerse yourself in the carefully crafted VR 360° relaxation videos. The VR Headset is lightweight, and the review and selection of videos does not require the use of hands or other controllers. The entire content is designed in such a way, that controlling is effortless for elderly people, and those without prior experience of using VR headsets. VR TierOne GO mobile relaxation headset provides comfort of use, high quality virtual experiences and the availability of a virtual relaxation experience.

The VR TierOne GO mobile relaxation headset is the answer to stress and longing for nature.

Individual and group relaxation

With VR TierOne GO, complete relaxation and complete silence in Virtual Reality can take place both during individual and group relaxation sessions. Synchronous introduction of more people into the state of relaxation is facilitated by the software on the tablet controlling the group relaxation with use of VR TierOne GO. It is a good solution for commercial use in centres with a larger fleet of VR headsets. The tablet software allows the operator to bring many users into a relaxed state at the same time. Thanks to this, the relaxation of the group can proceed smoothly, without unnecessary technical interference. All participants will immerse themselves in the VR relaxation environment of their choice at one time.

Group relaxation is much easier thanks to the tablet installed software.

Virtual Depression Prevention

Reducing stress plays an important role in the prevention of depressive, anxiety and somatic disorders. Living in excessive tension and lack of counterbalance in the form of valuable relaxation are conducive to health, emotional and relational problems. Neglecting the need to rest harms the body, but calming the excited nervous system requires time or optimal conditions. Unfortunately, it’s easier to get stressed than to relax. Lack of regular relaxation causes stress to accumulate and manifest itself physically and mentally. The decrease in energy and well-being, and issues with sleep indicate that it is high time to do something good for yourself, for your health. It’s time to relax and distance yourself from everyday worries without having to go on a long journey. Simply wear the relaxing VR headset and relax in the beautiful scenery of nature. The absorbing nature of Virtual Reality makes it easier to focus on the present moment. It allows you to gather distance from the place and effectively rest after just a 10-minute session. Relaxation sessions are accompanied by a therapeutic soundtrack. The sounds of nature and the voice-over help to draw attention to the healing power of breathing and concentrate on the present moment, favouring meditation. Thanks to this, the participants of the session:

  • calm down,
  • recover energy,
  • take a respite,
  • effectively rest,
  • regenerate their mental strength,
  • relax in a short time.

VR TierOne GO headset protects against the accumulation of stress, malaise, anxiety and loss of internal balance. VR TierOne GO facilitates relaxation and protects mental health. It gives you space to rest. Try relieving your stress in a new form!

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