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VR TierOne therapeutic colouring book

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Colour therapy in the real world

Product overview:

The VR TierOne therapeutic colouring book entitled "Colours of my reflections" acts as a diary of VR TierOne therapy. The pictures to be coloured refer to those seen by the patient during virtual therapy. They evoke positive emotions from therapeutic sessions, bringing relief in the real world. Colouring brings visual and therapeutic effects, improves concentration on the present moment and well-being.


For users of VR TierOne therapy as a therapeutic diary to be completed with colours and words. Recommended to patients in order to organize their emotions, record reflections and achievements from every day of VR TierOne therapy.


The colouring book will be perfect for patients undergoing stationary therapy, during longer stays in the rehabilitation department. It makes the time between treatments used for valuable relaxation. The colouring page book format matches the size of a hospital locker.


8 colouring cards, one-sided print, square format 20.5 x 20.5 cm

Contents of the package:

1 piece