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VR TierOne medical device

Availability: ✓ Product available on request

Lead time: up to 4 weeks

Delivery method:

transport, installation and training of personnel included in the price of the device,
Outside the country: shipping via freight forwarding company + online training

Price: USD 23 100,00 (including 8% VAT)

Customer service: Paweł Pasternak

Virtual therapy of real ailments

Product overview:

The VR TierOne device is an innovative medical product that uses Virtual Reality technology in supporting the treatment of depression, anxiety, stress relief and pain sensations. The VR TierOne solution consists of a device and a therapeutic cycle. The therapeutic effectiveness has been proven by scientific research. The device is used to carry out repetitive and immersive therapy, scheduled for two weeks, in a special VR therapeutic environment. The therapy consists of 8 therapy sessions.

Supporting the treatment of depression and anxiety with Virtual Reality


For supporting the treatment of patients with depressive and anxiety disorders as well as those with symptoms of stress. It is particularly recommended in the treatment of patients after a heart attack, stroke, COVID-19 and other serious illnesses accompanied by weakening of mental condition. VR TierOne therapy works well in the case of depression in the elderly, low well-being and weakened motivation during long-term rehabilitation.


One person is enough to operate the VR TierOne device. Following a short training of the staff, carrying out the therapy using VR TierOne is extremely easy and possible in just any medical facility.


A medical device with a virtual therapeutic cycle in 4 language versions: Polish, German, English and Ukrainian. The set includes VR headset, two controllers, a touch screen with a user-friendly interface. Plug & Play One Button Start System. The device is adapted to work in hospital conditions. Short training and 12 months warranty included.

Technical specification:

Touchscreen diagonal: ~24 inches
Device weight: 35 kg
Device dimensions: 2.2 mx 0.91 m x 0.71 m
Arm reach: 1 m
Power supply: mains (115-230 V / 50-60 Hz)
Maximum power consumption: 450 W
Power cable length: 5 m
Minimum room requirements: 2.5 m x 4 mx 4 m

Need to know more?

The solution is recommended by:

Therapy program:

Session number: Therapy plan: Duration:
VR Intro Prior to therapy ~2 minutes
Session 1 Day 1 ~15 minutes
Session 2 Day 2 ~20 minutes
Session 3 Day 3 ~20 minutes
Session 4 Day 4 ~20 minutes
Session 5 Day 5 ~20 minutes
Session 6 Day 6 ~20 minutes
Session 7 Day 7 ~20 minutes
Session 8 Day 8 ~15 minutes
VR Demo Before sale ~3,5 minutes


  • depressive disorders,
  • anxiety disorders,
  • decrease in motivation,
  • chronic stress,
  • low mood,
  • persistent fatigue,
  • chronic pain,
  • weakened concentration,
  • deteriorated cognitive functions,
  • poor eye-hand coordination,
  • psychophysical tension,
  • racing thoughts.


  • epilepsy,
  • schizophrenia,
  • productive symptoms,
  • aphatic disorders,
  • claustrophobia,
  • conditions after cataract surgery and other eye surgeries,
  • or a pacemaker and other implanted medical devices.

Medical Effects:

  • reduction of depression,
  • stress reduction,
  • reduction of anxiety,
  • increase in motivation,
  • improved well-being,
  • acceleration of recovery,
  • analgesic (painkilling) effect,
  • shortening the time of treatment and rehabilitation.