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UV-C disinfection cabinet for
VR TierOne GO headsets

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Price: USD 7 800,00 (including 23% VAT)

Customer service: Paweł Pasternak

Perfect disinfection of mobile VR headsets

Product overview:

The disinfection cabinet is used for safe and quick disinfection of mobile VR TierOne GO headsets (also tablet and accessories) enabled by the power of UV-C light. Deactivation of microorganisms is achieved with the use of lamps emitting electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength of 254 nm. This radiation destroys bacteria, viruses – including SARS-CoV-2, molds, yeasts, spores and protozoa. The device eliminates 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. The cabinet has a comfortable double-leaf door with a 3-point lock. It is equipped with a safety switch to prevent accidental exposure of the operator during the opening of the cabinet during the cycle. UV-C disinfection does not damage the electronics. Exposure to UV-C radiation during disinfection does not damage plastic, lenses or other materials used in VR headsets.


Prepare the equipment, place it freely on the shelves so that the lamps cover every disinfected surface of the equipment, close the door of the disinfection cabinet and switch it on. After 2 minutes of contactless disinfection, the devices are ready for hygienic and safe use. You disinfect as many as 12 VR TierOne GO headsets in just a single cycle. It is the perfect solution for commercial use. Clean VR headsets mean more safety for the health of your patients, customers and staff. The method is environmentally friendly, reducing the use of disinfectants.


The cabinet has magnetic USB cables for fast and efficient charging of disinfected devices. Charging can also continue during the disinfection process.


A mobile steel cabinet on four wheels with a lock and three disinfection shelves. The cabinet with rounded edges stands out with its aesthetic and practical design.

Technical specification:

Width = 75 cm
Depth: 40 cm
Height: 86 cm
Weight: 55kg
Connection power: 200 W

Contents of the package:

1 piece