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Tablet and software for controlling group relaxation with VR TierOne GO

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Price: USD 550,00 (including 23% VAT)

Customer service: Paweł Pasternak

Synchronous control of virtual relaxation

Product overview:

The software together with the tablet allows you to control any number of the relaxing VR TierOne GO headsets. The solution facilitates the synchronous transfer of participants to the selected 360° VR video environment and monitoring of the course of the group relaxation session.


For remote control of multiple VR TierOne GO headsets for virtual group relaxation.


Using the software on the tablet, you get a preview of the relaxation session of your group participate in, as well as the ability to monitor the parameters of individual headsets.


The solution allows you to control the playback of relaxing VR videos and the ongoing monitoring of the battery status of the wireless headset fleet. A simple and clear interface allows the operator to bring multiple users of the VR TierOne GO headsets into state of relaxation at the same time. Relax the group without unnecessary technical interference.

Technical specifications:

Touchscreen size: 8.7"
Tablet weight: 350g
Tablet dimensions: 21.25 x 12.47 x 0.8 [cm]

Contents of the package:

1 piece of software with tablet