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Protective case for VR TierOne GO headset

Availability: ✓ Product available

Lead time: 7 working days

Delivery method: shipping by courier

Price: USD 100,00 (including 23% VAT)*

*The offer applies to a suitcase without contents. Goggles and accessories available to purchase separately.

Customer service: Paweł Pasternak

Protection of headset during transport

Product overview:

The protective case has a prepared spaces for the mobile VR TierOne GO headset, charger and tablet controlling group relaxation. Specially cut foam inserts will absorb possible shocks and impacts, ensuring high protection of the whole set during transport.


For safe handling and storage of mobile VR TierOne GO headsets with tablet and charger.


The case will accommodate relaxing VR TierOne GO headset as well as a tablet and a charger. You can safely transport your virtual relaxation kit in this case. The case protects the headsets from dust and sunlight.


Sturdy suitcase with a comfortable handle, closed with a latch. Made of durable polypropylene. Compatible with VR TierOne GO headsets. Black case.

Technical specification:

Dimensions 46cm x 36cm x 17.6cm
Weight: 3.5kg

Contents of the package:

1 piece