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Optional headphones for VR TierOne GO relaxation headset

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Customer service: Paweł Pasternak

Individual perception of relaxing sound

Product overview:

The headphones allow you to direct a relaxing soundtrack directly to the ears of the VR headset users. The use of headphones is an alternative to using the built-in VR TierOne GO relaxation headset speakers.


To enhance immersion during relaxation with VR TierOne GO. Headphones will work well during group relaxation - when playing different videos for individual participants.


The headphones should be connected to the VR TierOne GO headset, this ensures a more discreet reception of sound impressions and acoustic isolation from the environment. Recommended for participants of virtual group relaxation.


Wired earphones, compatible with VR TierOne GO headset. Headphones in white, packed in an individual foil pouch. Cable length 90 cm, 3.5mm mini jack angled plug.

Contents of the package:

1 piece/pair