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Extended warranty for the VR TierOne device

Availability: ✓ Product available

Price: USD 2360,00 (including 8% VAT) purchase with the device

Price: USD 2650,00 (including 23% VAT) purchase at any time*

*prior to the expiry of 6 months of current warranty

Customer service: Paweł Pasternak

Another year of warranty protection

Product overview:

12 months of piece of mind included from the date of purchase of your VR TierOne device. Purchase of the extended warranty with the device, means 2 years of its carefree use.


To extend the warranty period by another 12 months.


The extended warranty should be purchased before the expiry of 6 months of the current warranty for VR TierOne devices. The warranty does not cover irresponsible use of the device.