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Replaceable covers for VR TierOne headset

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Lead time: 7 working days

Delivery method: shipping by courier

Price: USD 26,00 (including 23% VAT)

Customer service: Paweł Pasternak

A soft touch of an immersive world

Product overview:

A soft and light, comfortable cap for VR headset, ensuring the right conditions for wearing the VR headset. It increases the wearing comfort of the headset and allows for greater immersion.


In the conditions of frequent operation of the VR TierOne device, the overlays (covers) of the headset are an element exposed to wear. An additional pair of VR TierOne headset covers allows for a smooth replacement of worn parts.


The protective cap should be attached to the inside of the VR headset using the Velcro. Reusable cap, replaceable and easy to disassemble.


Cap compatible with VR TierOne medical device headset, polyurethane leather + foam filling, black colour

Contents of the package:

1 piece, a set consisting of 2 elements