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VR TierOne GO therapeutically

1. How does the VR TierOne GO help you relax?

Thanks to the carefully designed immersive VR spherical films, enriched with therapeutic voice-over, music and sounds of nature, with a relaxing character VR TierOne GO helps to achieve a state of relaxation. Immersion in a friendly environment of nature and isolation from stressors facilitates effective rest in a short time.

2. Why is relaxing in VR effective?

Presence in a virtual environment means the absence of the mind in the real world. VR effectively cuts the user off from everyday stressors in an environment conducive to deep relaxation and silence. Virtual Reality allows you to immediately experience the relaxing space of nature. This is of particular importance for people with limited mobility or with little time to relax, who are unable to experience the soothing power of nature in the physical world.

3. How does the VR TierOne GO relaxation space look like?

The environment in which the participants of the relaxation sessions will find themselves in depends on the selected movie. It can be a soothing space: forest, mountains, beach, lake, underwater or winter landscape or the digitally created Garden of Rebirth.