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VR TierOne GO technically

1. What is the VR TierOne GO headset for?

The VR TierOne GO mobile headset provides full relaxation, complete silence and improvement of mental health. They allow you to conduct relaxation sessions in the scenery of nature, in virtual conditions.

2. Where can I buy the VR TierOne GO relaxation headset?

We are the manufacturer of VR TierOne GO solution. Mobile relaxation headsets can be purchased directly from us. Contact us via the contact form on the Contact page.

3. Do the VR TierOne GO headsets play sound?

Yes, the VR TierOne GO headsets play sounds. The device has built-in speakers. Auditory stimuli are important during relaxation.

4. In what languages are VR TierOne GO relaxation videos available?

We have prepared Polish and English versions of relaxation videos. We are working on more translations so that users can freely and fully enjoy virtual relaxation.

5. How to store the VR TierOne GO headset?

Proper storage will allow you to avoid damage to the headset. Use the original box for storage and transport. Between successive relaxation sessions, when not in use, protect the inside of the headset with the protective VR headset lens cover. This will protect the optical system of the headset from harmful sunlight, dust and possible scratches. VR headset lens protection covers available separately.

6. How to correctly transport the VR TierOne GO headset?

During transport, do not expose the VR headsets to harmful factors: dust, sunlight directed at the lenses, shocks, impacts. We recommend using the specially designed protective case, with spaces for VR TierOne headset, tablet and charger for the transport of equipment. The protective case guarantees a safe way to carry the headset, without exposing it to possible damage. The case can be ordered separately.

7. How do I start a VR TierOne GO relaxation session?

The VR headset can be switched on using the power button located at the bottom of the device. To start the relaxation session, place the VR headset on the participant’s head. Once the relaxing person directs their sight to the video selected from the menu, the video will start playing.

8. What is a spherical VR video?

Spherical video is otherwise called 360°-degree video or surround video. This type of video material is prepared with a special camera and is designed for viewing in VR goggles. Spherical videos place their viewer in the middle of the scenery and allow you to look around. Admiring the film environment from this perspective allows you to easily immerse your senses in the presented world.

9. What is the price of VR TierOne GO?

The gross price is EUR 1750

10. Is the VR TierOne GO headset difficult to use?

Operating the VR headset is easy for both the operator and the user. The user does not need to operate controllers. The selection of the video is effected conveniently, with the help of vision. To easily relax a group of people, reach for additional tablet software to control the VR TierOne GO group relaxation.

11. How to properly take care of the VR TierOne GO headset?

Proper care of the device will allow you to use it safely and extend its service life. The optics of the VR TierOne GO headset should be treated with particular care.

Taking care of the VR headset:

  • Operate the headset with dry and clean hands only.
  • Do not expose the headset to moisture.
  • Do not immerse the headset in any liquids.
  • Keep away from heat sources.
  • If worn, replace the inner overlay with a new one.
  • Remove and clean the soiled inner overlay.
  • Wet a cloth with disinfectant and wipe the headset with it.
  • Do not spray disinfectant directly onto the device.

Taking care of the lenses:

  • Do not touch the lenses with your fingers to avoid greasing the optics.
  • Protect the lenses from exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Protect the lenses from scratches, remove dirt and soiling gently.
  • Use only a soft, clean or slightly damp cloth to clean the lenses.
  • Do not use dusty or rough materials for cleaning.
  • Wipe the lenses in a circular motion from the inside to the outside.
  • To gently blow the dust from the lenses, use an optics cleaning pear.
  • Use only preparations intended for cleaning optical systems.

12. How long does the headset remain charged?

The battery of the VR TierOne GO headset is sufficient for ~2.5 hours of operation.

13. How long does it take to charge the headset?

It takes ~ 110 minutes to fully charge your goggles using the USB-C VR charger.

14. Can I use my headset outdoors?

It is not recommended to use the headset outdoors due to weather conditions and high risk of damage to the device due to its exposure to moisture, intense sunlight, overheating and other factors exceeding the scope of conditions for its proper and safe use.

15. How to increase the comfort of wearing VR headset?

With the VR TierOne GO Replacement Cover, you can improve the comfort of wearing the relaxation headset. The cover is soft and comfortable, making contact with a virtual session pleasant.

16. What is the VR TierOne GO relaxation solution?

The VR TierOne GO solution consists of compact mobile VR headset and therapeutic and relaxation videos made in 360° VR technology.

17. What will I find in the VR TierOne GO packaging?

The package contains:

  • VR TierOne GO headset with a collection of relaxation videos,
  • charger and USB-C cable,
  • protective headset lens cover,
  • lens cloth,
  • quick user guide,
  • a guide to using the headset.

Additional and interchangeable accessories compatible with the VR TierOne GO solution are sold separately. Make sure to check our Products page.

18. How many videos do the VR TierOne GO headsets contain?

The TierOne GO VR goggles include a collection of more than a dozen relaxing VR 360° videos. As with any collection, this one is sure to grow over time, so be sure to check our website regularly to stay up to date.

19. What is the warranty period for the VR TierOne GO solution?

When you buy VR TierOne GO headset, you get a year of warranty.

20. Is it possible to extend the warranty on the VR TierOne GO headset?

Yes, the warranty period can be extended by another 12 months. The extended warranty should be purchased with the purchase of VR TierOne GO mobile relaxation headset.

21. How can one learn how to use mobile relaxation headset?

Learning how to use the device is not difficult, you will find instructions for use in the quick user manual and in the user guide that you will receive with your VR TierOne GO headset.

22. What is the weight of the VR TierOne GO headset?

The relaxing VR TierOne GO headset is extremely lightweight in construction. The goggles with straps and built-in battery weigh 604 g.