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1. What is relaxation?

Relaxation is a state of physical and mental detente. Relaxation is a process that leads to the alleviation of psychophysical tension. Terms relax and relaxation are used interchangeably. Valuable relaxation is associated with a sense of relief, freeing from negative thoughts and pleasant detente.

2. Why is it worth relaxing?

Relaxation is perfect for your mental and physical health. It eliminates the negative effects of chronic stress. You can read about the health benefits of relaxation on our blog.

3. What are the effective ways to relax?

There are various ways of relaxing that can be helpful in achieving balance. Among the known ways to relax are: Schultz autogenic training, Jacobson’s progressive relaxation technique or meditation. However, in order for their operation to be effective, it is necessary to master the above techniques and prepare an environment conducive to relaxation. VR TierOne GO offers virtual environment for effective relaxation. You will read about other ways to relax in the context of combating the effects of stress in the question: How to deal with excessive stress?

4. Can relaxation prevent diseases?

Yes, relaxation is a very important form of prevention of diseases and adverse psychophysical conditions caused by accumulated stress. Relaxation can have a real impact on health, and regular relaxation allows you to keep your body in a state of homeostasis. The achieved balance makes your body better able to cope with pathogenic agents. Valuable relaxation is necessary to maintain and restore the psychophysical health of every person.