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Breathing is a way to achieve a healthy balance

Joanna Pidanty - October 5, 2021 - 0 comments

Breathing is automatic, we do not think about this natural activity until we encounter difficulties in the flow of air through our airways. Breathing problems appear in people with respiratory infections, and those suffering from obesity and allergies. They can develop in smokers and people exposed to pollutants that damage the tissue of the bronchi and lungs. We talk about breathing in the context of smoking addiction, urban smog that threatens our health, and during a pandemic, when we discuss breathing in the context of COVID-19. Regardless of these health issues, breathing is also perceived as a way to deal with stress and achieve a healthy balance.

The main task of breathing is the exchange of life-supporting gasses, regulation of acid-base balance and vocalization. Breathing also regulates emotional and mental states, so through breathing we can influence our mental health and quality of life. Breathing is a reflex activity. However, with the help of our voluntary breathing muscles, we are able to control our breathing in such a way that it serves our health. Find out how you can save your physical and mental health by breathing properly.

Breathe through your nose

“Now take a deep breath.”

VR TierOne therapy

Correct breathing should be with use of the nose. It is in the nose that the air can be filtered, heated and humidified in. Nose breathing has a huge impact on the correct development of our craniofacial area and the appearance of the face. What appears, when the pattern of normal breathing is disturbed and we breathe through the mouth, is the “gawky appearance”, as well-defined in the subject literature. A person with open mouth is considered less intelligent and of poorer physical abilities. This perception is justified, as brain hypoxia caused by mouth breathing lowers cognitive abilities. A hypoxic body may be more prone to infections, show pallor and demonstrate increased fatigue. Mouth breathing triggers numerous issues, negatively affects many aspects of functioning in our health and mental balance.

It is advisable to breathe through the nose, both for the sake of our health, and our appearance.

Accentuate the exhalation

“With each exhalation, you remove what is worn out and unnecessary.”

VR TierOne therapy

Exhaling is a passive act of the respiratory cycle. Correct exhalation should be slightly longer than inhalation.Conscious exhalation and lengthening it trains the breathing muscles. It helps to cleanse our lungs, increase their efficiency, and from a psychotherapeutic point of view, it helps to calm down and bring us into a state of rest. This is because the expiratory phase is associated with the activation of the parasympathetic part of the autonomic nervous system responsible for relaxation. Taking a deep breath allows us to fill our chests with air and increase lung capacity, and accentuating the exhalation allows us to remove excess air remaining in the lungs before taking another breath. It is conducive to developing an adequate lung emptying force.

Observe your breath

Look closely. Breathe.”

VR TierOne therapy

Healthy, normal breath should be quiet, regular, calm and nasal. Is this what your breath is like? It is well worth observing your breathing pattern. Diaphragmatic breathing is recommended to maximize gas exchange, long-term balance of internal organs and to relieve stress. It is also worth checking your posture while breathing. Pay attention to keeping your back straight and your shoulders lowered. Upper chest breathing engages the muscles in the neck, which we experience as soreness in this area. A hunched back and a closed chest make it difficult to breathe correctly. Exercises that stretch and strengthen the muscles, make breathing easier, improve the posture and well-being. Observing your own breathing can be difficult. The mind is easily distracted when trying to consciously follow the inhalation and exhalation. Nevertheless, this skill can be practiced, for example, by means of meditation techniques that help in making contact with oneself and perceiving reality with greater peace than before.

Meditation techniques are conducive to observing your own respiratory cycle.

Practice breathing

“Breathe freely. That’s it.”

VR TierOne therapy

Breathing exercises help to maintain the harmonious functioning of both our body and psyche. Carbon dioxide is as important to the respiratory process as oxygen. Too little CO₂ causes the nutrient oxygen to penetrate into the cells with difficulty. Therefore, fast, deep breathing is not recommended. Increased lung ventilation results in a reduction of CO₂ levels and disturbance of the acid-base balance, manifested by numbness of the face, hands and feet, and also headaches. Hyperventilation occurs because of the stress and anxiety we experience. It may seem unintuitive, but breathing too intensively is bad. It may result in loss of consciousness. In a situation of anxiety or stress, we can calm our breath by breathing into a paper bag, this way we are able to quickly replenish the missing carbon dioxide and restore the bodily gas balance. By developing a proper respiratory path, breathing exercises improve our posture and metabolism, and reduces stress.

It is worth starting the practice of breathing exercises with a trainer.

VR TierOne therapy

“You can find your life-giving strength and enhance it accordingly.”

VR TierOne therapy

Regaining health and balance in virtual therapy is related to working on our breath. The therapeutic sessions are permeated with the narrative of the virtual therapist, which aims to bring out the strengths hidden in the participant of the therapy. By breathing properly, we can strengthen these forces. The conditions of the therapy silence the sympathetic part of the autonomic nervous system, which is easily excitable, but experienced as unpleasant because it is associated with stressful sensations. Initiating conscious and calm breathing during therapy is a green light for the parasympathetic system, to inhibit the sympathetic system, store strength and energy. It is a time of rest. Breathing is influenced by external factors, the Garden of Rebirth created by VR TierOne constitutes a refuge (shelter). A safe and supportive environment helps to exercise mindful breathing. Capturing the emotions and sensations accompanying the inhalation and exhalation gives us the opportunity to look into our own interior. It brings the ability to cope with mental states – anxiety, stress, and low well-being, which disturb our balance and have a negative impact on our health.

Virtual therapy helps us focus our attention, on our breathing, contributing to a healthy balance.

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