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Be here and now – mindfulness practice in VR

Joanna Pidanty - November 29, 2021 - 0 comments

Mindfulness, or awareness, allows you to get in touch with reality, with your own mind and body. Living in a hurry, thinking ahead, and going back to the past make us lose the sense of being present in life. We rush on our internal autopilot, and the passing moments escape our attention. In order not to miss life, it is necessary to bring the mind back to the present. When you experience stress and anxiety, or struggle with depressive thoughts, take a moment to practice mindfulness. Stop, and experience the present moment. Can you do it?

The practice of mindfulness

The deepened awareness of current experiences, the practice of being attentively present here and now, comes from Buddhist techniques. The concept was noticed and transferred to health psychology in the 1970s. . The mindfulness practice is successfully used as an antidote to chronic pain, anxiety and depression, overstimulation and haste of modern people. The entire dimension of our being benefits from exercising mindfulness. It has a positive effect on both physical and mental health. Experiencing the present moment means being aware of body sensations, your own emotions, and thoughts that must be allowed to flow without resisting or identifying with them. Mindfulness serves to reconcile a person with reality, life and oneself.

Mindfulness is a response to the longing for fulfilment and the desire to live fully.

Slow down and accept

Haste renders experiencing the present moment impossible. The possibility of experiencing the present disappears in the rush. The head becomes filled with thoughts about the past, and therefore about what was, and about the future, therefore about what will or can be. The stream of thoughts does not allow you to experience the current situation. Grasping for negative thoughts is characteristic of people who are depressed. Separating from thoughts, observing their flow, is the essence of the mindfulness approach. It happens so that in order to experience life we try the extreme path of strong emotional and bodily experiences that will allow us not to think for a short time. This path can take us away from reality, ensuring “high ” – breaking contact with reality, instead of rooting in it. The right way, the way to live in mindfulness, is to relax, slow down. This path is reflected in living the life according to the slow life idea. Focusing unhurriedly on the activities of eating, travelling, or even reading, brings satisfaction and a sense of experiencing an authentic life, here and now.When you slow down, you stop skipping the present moment, accepting the fact that it exists.

New commitment

Mindfulness is the ability to direct your attention to what is happening right now without judging. Experiencing reality as it is seems to be a simple concept, but it is not easy to experience without involving too much thought in the process. In order to achieve full involvement in the present moment, it is enough to focus on normal activities during the day. Focusing on mundane activities, and even on your own breath, or the careful observation of well-known objects brings surprising freshness of sensations. Involvement allows you to bring your mind back to the present and turn routine moments into a rewarding experience.

Engaging in presence allows us to find the extraordinary in what is ordinary.

Notice the emotions

Emotions are not the enemy, they are the messenger of information. It is wrong to deny, ignore, jam and run away from your emotions. You have to let the emotions manifest themselves even when they are difficult and uncomfortable. It is advisable to get closer to your own emotions, to look at them. Only the emotions you notice can be controlled. The practice of mindfulness allows you to control your own reactions, prevents the accumulation of emotions, emotional outbursts, and impulsive, ill-considered reactions. Mindfulness distracts you from the automatic way of reacting and making judgments. Therefore, it promotes self-acceptance and the acceptance of others. It proves beneficial for dealing with emotions to increase awareness of their existence, and therefore recognize, then name and understand them. Becoming aware of your emotions is a necessary step to controlling them and avoiding escalation.

Contact with reality

Being attentively present is a simple assumption, but not an easy one to achieve. Distractors can make it difficult to fully engage in the present moment. If you are unable to stop, it is worth knowing that contact with reality can be established by practicing mindfulness in Virtual Reality, which as an immersive medium draws the participant into the present moment. VR TierOne makes it easier to achieve the state of mindful presence. The VR TierOne device ensures a cut-off from the excess of stimuli from the real world, which suppress emotions and our actual needs resulting from them. VR TierOne therapy is based on Virtual Reality and it favours the experience of being here and now.

Each VR TierOne therapeutic session involves being attentive.

The voice of the virtual therapist does not allow you to be distracted, gently leading you to the path of concentration. A virtual environment thought out for this purpose allows you to anchor your attention on the visual and auditory elements of the VR TierOne world, as well as on your own breathing pattern. VR TierOne is a therapeutic aid in depression and anxiety, allowing you to bring calmness and mental well-being about. The practice of mindfulness results in a feeling of calmness and relaxation, which is why it also works well for people under the influence of stress. VR TierOne allows one to stop here and now. To feel fully present in one’s life.

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